Taking stock of the week... and the younger generation...  

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4/1/2006 11:19 pm

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Taking stock of the week... and the younger generation...

Recently, it has been rare for me to find a Saturday morning free to just simply idle time away, taking stock of what has gone on over the week. This being AdultFriendFinder, I shall focus on issues of interests here

My workplace is just outside the busy financial district and adjacent to good shopping, hotels, etc. Our company share the same floor with many finance companies and high-tech startups. The startups are full of geeks while the finance companies are staffed by the babes The building management provides a small gym where the tenants meet for their daily workouts and also pickups I have managed to pickup quite a few gals there and from my observations, am inclined to conclude that office "affairs" seems to be quite common nowadays as compared to the past. The gals' attitude towards sex is certainly very liberal, at least those whom I have met. The younger generation's attitude is definitely something which surprised me, someone from the older generation, not that I am complaining about it. Take for example, Cheryl (not her real name) who is an undergrad majoring in business with IT minor. She started working with us about a year ago as a temp research assistant. Her job was to help us find the statistics and data to support our hypotheses, recommendations, etc in the reports that we prepare for our clients. Sometimes, she helps in conducting surveys, interviews, etc. Her dressing is simple, dark-coloured skirts with matching jacket; the blouse underneath is the one that sometimes makes the groins of guys stir. Usually, you won't be able to notice it as she keeps her jacket buttoned. She can keep a straight face during work but become extremely flirtatious afterwards. We have become good buddies in all sense, often chatting after work over coffee and she shares a lot about her private life with me, how she lost her virginity, her liberal views towards sex, what kind of guys she likes, what she hopes to achieve by 30, by 40, etc. She treats me like her mentor as well as her fuck buddy; she likes older guys but doesn't intend to marry a guy who is more than 10yrs older than her. That means she definitely has no intention of marrying me (hahaha) but enjoys fucking me.

One evening in midweek, I went for my cuppa at the Coffee Beans near our workplace, and saw Cheryl there chatting (and flirting) with a couple of guys. She came over to join me after a while, and jokingly said, I was her saviour. I was puzzled but she explained. The guys were trying to get her into bed for a 3-some. She was fending off their advances while continuing to tease them; that is her cheeky trait - a real teaser. According to her, one of the guys just came back from his honeymoon and he is already looking for gals to fuck. In fact, he has already been fucking other gals (as he had bragged to Cheryl). She was actually rather tempted by them, but didn't quite trust them enough yet. 3-somes or more aren't new to her. She stays in the university hostel and during her freshman year, she had a romp with 4 guys in the pool room. At that time, she was going steady with a guy living in the same hostel. One day, she was there with him while he was playing pool/snooker with 3 other guys. He offered to coach her and she of course agreed. As she was bent over the table and he was behind her, showing her how to use the cue, he started rubbing his groin on her bums. She could feel his hard dick pressing against her and got aroused. The other guys started teasing him and he got bolder. His hands starting groping and fondling her despite her resistance, which didn't help much. No sooner after that, all the other guys joined in and they pulled all her clothes off. She was lying on the edge of the pool table being fucked by her guy, while the other guys made her stroke their cocks, and one climbed on the table to make her suck his. As soon as her guy cummed, another guy took his place and that went on until all four guys cummed. Her initial fear became lust as she admitted that she enjoyed the attention from the guys and being treated like a slut. Although she doesn't indulge in sex with a few guys that often, occasionally, she has this urge to be fucked by a few guys together. She has also been in 2-gal-1-guy 3-somes with her room mate. Her room mate has a steady boyfriend who visits her often and fucks her in their room. She is also bi-sexual and sometimes engages in some 69 fun with Cheryl, and of course, they have 3-somes in their room.

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