First encounter with the new maid  

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3/14/2006 9:49 pm

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First encounter with the new maid

I was down with the flu on Tuesday and sleeping mostly at home; the medication made me really drowsy. I live with my parents in a house that is nicely partitioned so that I have my private space. My parents lived on the ground floor and enters the house from the front. I live on the 2nd floor and attic, and enter the house from the rear. The 1st floor is the common living area where we get together. They are more than aware of my swinging lifestyle and let me have my private space. I am mostly out in the day, so I hardly see their maid who comes in to clean up my place in the afternoon. I heard from them that they fired the previous maid as she had been stealing from them.

In my home, I like to be as comfortable as possible and that means moving in my part of the house in the nude. It has become a habit for me that I don't even think of it. Yesterday, I was in bed, half dazed, and drowsy. I heard the maid come in to clean the place, and my mum telling her to be quiet as i was in bed. After my mum left, she went about tidying my work and rest area, outside my bedroom. I visited the toilet very often as I was drinking jug after jug of water, directed by my doctor. After one of this visits, I came out of the toilet just as she was tidying the room. She looked up and gasped at my naked body, then blushed as she stared at my dick. I was too dazed to bother and walked back to bed. The drowsiness made me stumble. She quickly came forward to help me into bed and was pulled into bed by me. She landed nicely on top and her tummy pressed against my semi-hard dick. She frantically tried to get off, apologizing. I told her not to worry and asked her to get me more water. As I drank, I also asked about her. Her name is Eda, 22yrs old and she is from the Philippines. She has completed two years of undergraduate education before she had to stop because of financial difficulties, and started working as domestic help. Her physique is rather petite but well-endowed - something which I always notice She has long brown hair, tied into a ponytail. She wore a tight t-shirt and shorts. Despite my flu, my testosterone is still at work. Looking at her, my dick hardened; she noticed it and giggled. I teased her and playfully blamed her for making me hard, which she laughed. Anyway, we didn't chat for long as the medication was taking it's effect on me. She helped me with the blanket and on a few occasions, her hand stroked my hard dick (intentionally). I fell asleep as she continued to tidy my room for me.

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