A little fantasy I created for a friend...  

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3/30/2006 10:53 pm

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A little fantasy I created for a friend...

This is a story/fantasy that I created for one of my network friends... thought I share it with everyone else.

Imagine this, you are dressed in your corporate workwear... you come and see me on the pretext of having a discussion with me... we are in my office ..and you are wearing a sexy low cut top... you reveal your boobs to me as you bend down to pick up the pen that dropped on the floor... As you stood up, you smile at me, giving me that look that says "I know what you are looking at and you like what you see..." When you handed the pen to me, your finger tips caress my hands. You sat down on the chair next to me and face me. My left hand gently touch your knees and then move up the inside of your thighs. You move your legs apart slightly... the hint for me to go a step further... I caressed your smooth thighs as I move my hands towards your pussy. My fingers touch your silk panties which are already damp with your juices. All the while, we are looking at each other, your eyes telling me to go further, your lips slightly apart, barely audible moans coming from your throat. I smile as I rub your clit through your damp panties and use my fingers to trace your pussy lips. Your part your legs even further pushing your short skirt up and exposing more of your thighs. I pull off your panties, then slip a few fingers into your wet pussy and probe deeply. You grip the handles of the chair tightly, moaning as I finger fuck you. You legs are now wide apart and your skirt pushed all the way up to your waist. I unbutton your jacket with my right hand and push your jacket open to reveal your low cut silk blouse. Your low cut spaghetti strap blouse could hardly hide your braless gorgeous boobs as your perky nipples push against the soft silk. I pinch your nipple and you let out a soft scream, then moaned loudly as I rubbed it. Your hands are now working on my belt and pants, and in no time, my pants and underware are on the floor. You hold my cock in your hands and pump it while I continue to finger your pussy. I finger fast and hard until you cummed, drenching my hands and fingers with your pussy juices which I took out for you to lick. I remove my clothes, then yours but leaving your stiletto heels on. I stood up. You take my cock in your mouth and suck it slowly, enjoying every inch of it, licking, kissing, tickling with your tongue. Just then, my mobile phone rang and I answer the call. It is my wife. She is in town shopping and want to meet me for lunch. "I am sorry honey... I am busy now." You look up at me and I saw your eyes smile mischieviously. "Yes dear, I have some preparation to do for the meeting later." As I speak, you continue to suck my cock, harder and faster. I could hardly control my moans... hehehe. After I hung up, you look at me and said... "Notti, notti..." I smile and pull you up, turn you around and bend you over my table. I rub my cock head on your wet pussy lips, to coat it with your juices, then pry your pussy lips slightly open. Suddenly, I ram it into your pussy, making you scream in estacy. I hold your waist and firmly thrust forward in quick strokes, fucking you hard, my cock sliding in and out of your pussy like a piston. You toss your head back, gazing at me as I fuck you. As I thrust, you push back to meet each thrust forcing my cock deep into you. I slip my hands under your body to hold your ample boobs, clamping your nipples between my fingers, and holding them firmly as I fuck you. We are all sexed up and fucking wildly. Totally lost in estacy, we are interrupted by my mobile phone again. It's my wife again. "Yes, honey... I am kinda busy now. I am in a meeting... in-depth discussion on a project... ok... see you later... bye" Again, you look back at me and smile... "in depth discussion, huh?" "yes, in depth... deep in" I push hard and drove my cock deep into your pussy. "Ohhhh....hmmmmmm.............urhhhhhhhhhhhh........" was you could manage as I pump and thrust. I could feel you cumming over and over again, your juices flowing out onto both our thighs. Then, you beckon me to sit down, and straddle me. Holding my cock over your pussy, you sit down on it. You then move your hips forward and back, riding me like a horse as my cock stroke your pussy. You pull my face onto your boobs for me to suck your nipples as you ride me. I suck your boobs and nipples hard, making them rosy red, and your obviously enjoy it very much. The pressure in my cock continue to build up until I couldn't hold back any more... "I am cumming... " I groaned. As soon as you hear that, you got off and got down between my legs, taking my cock into your mouth again. You suck hard, bobbing your head up and down, until my cum burst into your mouth. You swallow it without missing a drop and continue to lick and suck until my cock is clean. Then you climb back up to sit on me and kiss me deeply, letting me taste the mixture of cum and pussy juices. After we rested, we put our clothes on but you left your panties off. You took it and gently wipe your pussy again, and put it into my pocket, then kissed me... "a little souvenir for you..."

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