Why did the Sopranos suck?  

rm_silkditty 67F
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4/2/2006 10:15 pm
Why did the Sopranos suck?

Was it just me, or was this a totally disjointed episode tonight?

I didn't catch who the writers were on this episode. I felt bad for the actors, because it seemed like the writers didn't understand the characters.

dankos2069 56M

4/3/2006 10:52 am

I did not see in your post anywhere where you concede that I am indeed a Soprano prophet, that I could have written the show, and that I was right on so many aspects. So throughout I may remind you.

But, you are right, it was not a good episode. My belly button lint held my attention longer than it took T to finally get out of the fucking hospital. Classic line #1 - Doctors operation on T "Hey, I think I found Jimmy Hoffa in here".(hahahahahaha)

Paulie on the Rampage - so his aunt's his mother and his mother is his aunt. Mean guy. Classic line #2 - Faced with his mothers' open legs in the hospital, he says "let me cover you up". she says "Im burning up" and removes it again.......guess you had to see it.

"Wallet Biopsy" - heh.

Is Tony Soprano Jesus Christ? - so much christlike symbolism. Did I not mention a transformation? Did I not say he would be a changed man? examples:
1)talking to the preacher guy in the hospital with the sun backlit on Tony's fat head? Put a wig on he's jesus.
2)excessive caring for others...out of character stuff....overly interested in everything around him
3)giving the guy a pass on the wallet biopsy. Im not sure whether he really took the money or not.
4)holding Janice's hand,,,,,,are you fucking kidding me?
5)no more skim from Johnny Sac via Phil (who was taken back)
6)there's more, I forget

Carmela also warned T about Vito kind of like I said.

Hey, "are you looking at me?" "are you lookin'at me?" "I don't see anyone else here, you must be lookin'at me".

dankos2069 56M

4/3/2006 8:07 pm

ahhh the sweet smell of capitulation..

oh yeah, you reminded me....Hal Holbrook cast in a role (seemingly designed to salvage some semblence of a mediocre acting career)of a stereotypic idealogue University professor relegated to blithering his bleeding heart bullshit through a breathing bag.....lead to nowhere except a final glance from T. Those guys were all stoned from pushing the happy button too much I think.

the rapper thing I don't get. Janice husband = Bobby. Perhaps the new T has designs on being an "everyman".

Not sure how Paulie "Cashews" can get away with pushing people around.....except for maybe his gun. lol

Dankos "Papa D Bone" 2069

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