Was she an actress?  

rm_silkditty 67F
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4/3/2006 1:28 pm
Was she an actress?

T'was raining again in LA, as I made my way to Larchmont Village to meet a fella for coffee. Larchmont is two block's worth of understated Hollywood blah blah blah restaurants and shoppes. Next to the fairy tale of Hancock Park mansions full of TV movie people, also close to gritty Hollyweird.

I had a hot chocolate and enjoyed talking to my date, who is in the entertainment biz. I realized my parking meter was about to run out and neither I nor my date had any change.

A beautiful, young blonde sitting next to us was listening to my predicament and offered me a coupla quarters.

"You two can talk," said I, as I hurried to thwart the meter maid.

When I got back, the two were deep in conversation. I joined in and we got deep into the Dubais Port deal, Hilary Clinton, the most likely next Republican presidential candidate, and how to successfully exit Iraq.

My date finally extricated us from the three-way and coffee time came to a close.

As I drove back to the east side, I wondered whether she was an actress trying to make a connection, or simply a nice, young woman.

I opt for the latter.

dankos2069 56M

4/3/2006 3:37 pm

Quite a cosmo life you lead my dear.
Ive heard everyone is an aspiring actor/ess in LA.

Hint 1: Don't introduce beautiful women to your date.
Hint 2: Politics is the proverbial wet blanket because no 2 people agree and if you do then the other is lying and there you go.

Looks like you lost another one. Try again tomorrow. Report back. Now leave. No wait, salute me. OK good.

good god girl you are on a rampage - be careful

dankos2069 56M

4/4/2006 7:06 pm

ur funny.

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