To Dream The Impossible Dream  

rm_silkditty 67F
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8/28/2006 2:29 pm
To Dream The Impossible Dream

"A friend gave me tickets to The Smothers Brothers at the Hollywood Bowl," said the Ballbuster Psychic. "Wanna go?"

"Sure!" (I'm waggin' my tail.)

Going to the Hollywood Bowl is a quintessential Los Angeles summer experience. The world's largest natural amphitheatre, it nestles in the foothills of the Santa Monica mountains and hosts the LA Philharmonic Orchestra.

One of the things I love is the everchanging colors of the Bowl, thanks to brilliant lighting technicians. Magenta, gold, green, blue, red, shifting, shifting, shifting mmmmmmmm

There's a tradition to take a picnic dinner, complete with alcohol, and munch away in the bleacher seats or box seats while enjoying the music.

Our trip was a little down and dirty, though. The Ballbuster Psychic and I had both worked that day, and it was the same day that the Ballbuster Psychic's business was burglarized. So, we just sort of went and sank onto the bleachers without the picnic.

The Smothers Brothers have been around for a long time, and I can report that they haven't lost their exquisite comedic timing.

I can't recreate the delicate riff that led up to the punchline, but Dick led the way singing "To Dream The Impossible Dream," building up to a positive, life-affirming crescendo, Dick asking

"And when you haven't reached your impossible dream, what do you do?"

and Tommy sniggers, shifting his eyes,

"You go back to sleep."

(Ah, ya hadda be there.)

In the car, the Ballbuster Psychic told me about a peripheral acquaintance of hers who had splayed his penis.

"He did WHAT?"

"He cut the head of his penis so that it goes off in two different directions. I don't know how he pees."

"Did you see it?" I asked. (Sometimes I forget that I'm not on A.F.F.)

"No, I didn't see it," she snorted. "He talks about it a lot, though, like it's a spiritual sex thing."

Hmmmmmmm. Well, if she didn't really see it, how do we know this splayed penis really exists? What if he has a fake splayed penis that he only talks about?

(The blogs can make you jaded... heh,heh,heh)

Here are a few questions to choose from:

Have you achieved an impossible dream in your life?

What is your threshold for pain?

Are you neat and tidy when you pee, or do you shoot off to the side?

Have you ever had sex under the bleachers?

HeatedCondition 62M
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8/28/2006 2:54 pm

Have you achieved an impossible dream in your life?

Yes, I hit a royal flush once.

What is your threshold for pain?

Pretty good actually. But sometimes I'm a big baby.

Are you neat and tidy when you pee, or do you shoot off to the side?

Once in awhile a blast goes awry. Other guys would know what I'm talking about. Sometimes when ya whip it out it's a bit cockeyed.

Have you ever had sex under the bleachers?

No.....wanna be my first?

gemini0157 60M
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8/28/2006 3:09 pm

The old water pressure ain't what it used to be.....

mewisemagic3 51M

8/28/2006 3:35 pm

Splayed? That is painful to just read. Tell you what, I bet that guy isn't doing anything under the bleachers.

florallei 100F

8/28/2006 3:39 pm

SD, OMG he what his what? OUCH!!!

Yes I have achieved an impossible dream...I now live in an area that I thought I would never ever taste....

I suffered from a lot of chronic pain for several years and my neurologist declared me invalid...NO WAY I could accept that and fought it and trained my mind, my body, inner spirit and fought the pain now I hardly notice it unless I begin to throw up and it is telling me take notice....but I live a very active life and I can really put the pain aside.

I so enjoy your blog Babe. You are so talented!

The other stuff I take the FIFTH for it may incriminate me wink.

meerkittykat 43F

8/28/2006 6:00 pm

There's this overlook..I forget the name of it now...just past where Mulholland Blvd starts off of the 101, which overlooks the Hollywood Bowl. I saw my share of interesting shows one was Coldplay.

Have you achieved an impossible dream in your life? The impossible dream is always just out of reach..but I keep going.

What is your threshold for pain?I am a wuss. This is well-documented.

Are you neat and tidy when you pee, or do you shoot off to the side? Obsessively clean.

Have you ever had sex under the bleachers? Yes but not in ages.

rm_imtheone42 75M
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8/28/2006 7:34 pm

i think I have a pretty high threshold for pain. Afterall, I`ve been married twice. It must be pretty high. lol

The answer to your other questions is no. I saw the Somthers Brothers in concert in 1967 and they were great. Gosh that makes me old doesn`t it.

FrankPicasso 53M

8/28/2006 9:09 pm

One of the best concerts I've ever attended was Splayed Penis at the Boston Garden. Of course, they were opening up for The Tubes back then. I've heard that the Hollywood Bowl people have been eying corporate sponsorships. Hmmmm ...

On the bleachers thing ... does masturbation count?

You wanna know the worst thing about bidirectional urination? Getting it all over your pants. I'm tellin' ya, SD; labor pains, PMS, whatever. Bidirectional urination is pure hell, and women are just so lucky they don't have to go through it. It's much harder to be a guy!

puntachueca 106M

8/29/2006 4:56 am

Ahhh the Hollywood Bowl...went there once with my mom back in the late 60's...did the picnic and it was fun.

Achieve the impossible dream? Actually a few odd place...once you're there...what's next...good to have a dream that really is impossible and just keep reaching for it...good work for life...just to be a happy healing person

AstirRelicLatah 66M
1993 posts
8/29/2006 7:40 am

Ah, an impossible dream...since I live in a dream world I have achieved many impossible dreams...some of them are even PG rated. BTW, the Smothers Bros. were one of my very favorite shows growing up, I still like them a lot...I bet they were tons of fun.

rm_magnet4u22 50F
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8/29/2006 7:19 pm

I love the Hollywood Bowl and the Smothers Brothers. Mom always liked you best.

I haven't had sex under the bleachers.......yet

I am very tidy


DecorPlumyBosun 41M

8/29/2006 9:12 pm

Wow, the Smothers Brothers are still at it? They must be even older than the Rolling Stones. I'll take that as encouragement. I don't buy that splayed penis bit for a second. I would believe the guy got wrecked & fell down on some broken bottles & he's trying to play it off.
Threshold for actual pain-pretty high, threshold for anticipated pain, pretty low.

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