Hypo Full Of Love  

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3/27/2006 10:33 am
Hypo Full Of Love


Ever wonder who sings the theme song for The Sopranos? It's A3, from their Exile On Coldharbor Lane CD.

A3 has it's own 12 Step Plan - here's some lyrics from Hypo Full of Love:

Step One
You admit you are powerless under me

Step Two
You figure that's just gotta be jelly cos jam don't shake like that

Step Three
Make a searching inventory of all your good shit

Step Four
Inventory taken, you hand all that good shit over to me

Step Five
Having divined I am the real thing you get down on your knees...

Step Six
...and humbly ask me to remove your underthings

Step Seven
And make ready for me to do mah thing

Step Eight
Naked now you're ready to understand mah kind of lovin'

Step Nine
Lovin men, lovin women, lovin all God's creatures

Step Ten
And in turn your divestments having been completed

Step Eleven

Ah get turned on by you and in turn being turned on by you

Step Twelve
I know you're ready to become a disciple; a lonely little reverend making his way day by day, in the congregation hustling a dollar here, a dollar there, selling pictures of The King to bring back to the coffers of the all-powerful-all-holy Reverend Doctor D.W.A.Y.N.E Love, first Reverend of the First Presbyterian Church of Elvis the Divine

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