Dick Pix - Men's Poll  

rm_silkditty 67F
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3/23/2006 1:11 pm
Dick Pix - Men's Poll

A large percentage of heterosexual men post dick pix on AdultFriendFinder. A large percentage of women wonder why. I'm curious to see what both sexes have to say and hope to write a little essay based on the results.

Men, why do you post dick pix?
Do you believe a woman has the same sexual response to a dick pic as you do when you see a pussy pic?
Is it a way to preserve anonymity?
Is it a way to express strong exhibitionist tendencies?
Do you believe that your dick is more interesting than your personality?

rm_Lovindude13 71M
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3/28/2006 5:07 pm

Guys who put their dick pics on, probably think their dicks are better looking than themselves.. Or that they are really showing what they are.. no brains, just dicks!


6/15/2006 2:34 pm

I never had any intention of including a cockshot in my profile but I now find myself actually considering it after having gotten a few requests from women for one. But I can't help but somehow want to make some sort of "joke" photo out of it though. It just seems too ripe for it.

It appears to be so in Vogue to complain about the ubiquitous cockshots around here but it is interesting to see that there is a segment of the female populace that genuinely seems to enjoy them.

I was also shocked once when a girl that I knew who always seemed to want to put up a front in which it appeared that she was very "proper" and "ladylike" and often seemed as if she had no interest in sex whatsoever. But after I had befriended one of her close friends who more easily "hung out with the guys", so to speak, she informed me that miss proper was nearly driven into an uncontrollable sexual frenzy at the sight of a man's "equipment".

I would have never guessed.


rm_garcian80 34M
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11/16/2007 4:16 pm

hows miss proper look ? i could use me a little miss sexual frenzy LOL

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