CIA's Spider Web  

rm_silkditty 67F
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6/7/2006 10:50 am
CIA's Spider Web

Update to a previous post:

Report by human rights watch dog council finds more than 14 European countries in collusion with CIA in a "spider's web of secret flights and detention centers." This "unlawful interstate transfer of people" going on since 9/11.

The Council of Europe has no power to punish, they merely kick you off the island.

But still. The power of expose.

Countries listed: Britain, Germany, Italy, Sweden,Bosnia, Macedonia, Turkey, Spain, Cyprus, Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Romania, Poland, Sweden, Bosnia

Any thoughts on this?

ByteChaser2 54M

6/7/2006 11:47 am

well... I suppose if it keeps a dirty nuke from detonating in the world... I can live with it.

wickedeasy 68F  
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6/7/2006 2:10 pm

this deliberate and smarmy undercover attack on civil rights and liberties is appalling and 9/11 is not an excuse - wasn't then, isn't now -

and if people think this is keeping the world safe from terrorist attacks - think again - we know a 1/1000,000,000th of what there is to know - this connect below was sent to me - i do not vouch for its validity but boy it raises some intriguing questions

You cannot conceive the many without the one.

rm_AnOddGirl 58F
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6/7/2006 4:22 pm

Once again, I'm not surprised.


ByteChaser2 54M

6/7/2006 4:51 pm

    Quoting rm_silkditty:
    I think the point of interest is how does the world fight terrorism without violating human rights.

    Also doesn't help America's already damaged global image.

    I haven't read anything in depth on this story, only a short newsclip.
Yeah... It's a polarized issue this one. I guess I should have avoided it but...

I can't worry about what other countries think about the US... shoot, we're the ones to hate anyway. They'll either dislike us for fighting terrorism, or dislike us for not... Some scream that we don't send help when they need it, then scream to quit interfereing... It's just a plain old loose-loose.

And again, I cant worry about someone elses opinion... I got enough to worry about yanno?

goboi_go 57M

6/7/2006 8:42 pm

The countries are cooperative because these terrorist lunatics are in their back yard, don't have the balls to say they want to interrogate and torture to stem terrorism for their own people, so they let the CIA lead the way. Hey, they're guilty for everything anyway, the dirty Americans.

Cyprus really? lol

Drofpussology4u 60M
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6/21/2006 1:59 am

The Romans touted the Huns and the Vandals were coming so, you need to be part of our empire so we can "protect" you. The Greeks galvanized people by touting the threats of the Turks.

Every time the president's poll numbers go down, a film clip of Bin Laden or some other "terrorist" comes on CNN.

The Bin Laden family made millions building US bases over seas.

Why did our government whisk his family out of the country so fast after 9/11? How come they were not held and questioned? Held hostage?

We were dragged into Vietnam to fight Communist when the Vietnamese wanted to be free and the United States turned its back on the Vietnamese and handed it back to the French to enslave after world war II with the troops we had trained. These troops, helped by China, defeated the United States.

Remember J. Edgar Hoover and the McCarthy trials? That was OUR government.

Do you think the same government that fostered Jim Crow laws while tooting freedom was unjust in the United States but not racist over seas? If so, you are sadly mistaken. The same government that bugged Martin Luther King also put the Shah of Iran, Saddam Hussein, Manuel Noriega into power!

So, people ignorant of history continue to embrace this philosophy of "terrorists". Who are the real terrorists?

It was the United States who took Panama from Columbia.

It was the United States and Britain who kicked the Palestinians off of their land in 1948 and put displaced Europeans and American Jews on the land. (How would all these macho men react if someone took Texas or Florida or their home towns away from them? Would they fight back? Would they be terrorists or freedom fighters. Freedom fighters are only people who fight for what the United States business leaders want. Others are insurgents, guerrillas, terrorists.

Were members of the American Revolution terrorists in the British eyes? Were slave holders George Washington and Thomas Jefferson freedom fighters? They had rooms too, just like Saddam Hussein (look at Sally Hemmings). They practiced genocide too just like Hitler, just like Bosnia just like in Sudan (talk to Native Americans and descendants of the 50 Million Africans killed during the Middle Passage to slavery).

The United States tells countries that you can be free, as long as you do things our government's way.

That is no example. That is no leader, it is a bully who pushes other countries around and violates their sovereignty.

Look at Mexico, The Philippines, Libya, Iran, Korea, Africa, on and on and on. American business controls our government. If you believe we have an honest government that is good for the world, you are not looking at reality.

Look at Congressman Duke Cunningham (can you think of an honest politician?) These are the people who run this country. Who cut back on the Social Security benefits of World War II vets and give themselves a raise. They hurt the medical programs of the elderly and give our tax dollars away to other countries.

They leave people in New Orleans homeless and without hospitals and give Army hospitals to Pakistan and build in Iraq.

The bankers that control this country love conflict. The benefit because they finance both sides just like they did the Rebels and the Yankees in the civil war. The Hootos and the Tootseys in Africa. Who armed Saddam Hussein and Iran? The United States!

Our grand kids will be going back over there to fight this Iraqi government the current administration is now installing, in the future just like we did the Viet Cong and the same old game is played over and over again and the ignorant keep falling for the same old tricks.

We need an ethical government, not a moral one. Ethical governments do what is best for most people, not just the Christians and Jews. We all have differ nt opinions of morality. We generally agree on ethical concerns (do not steal, kill, lie etc.).

Read your history books. You will see this game has been played over and over again. Our government is really the terror element. It is too bad that the good people of this country have to suffer for the greed and hypocrisy of our leaders.

DeeepPenaTrayR "The Pussologist"[blog DeeepPenaTrayR]

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