Big Brother  

rm_silkditty 67F
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5/11/2006 9:59 am
Big Brother

Good god, when is it going to stop?

It's now coming to light that NSA is monitoring every phone call made in America. Not listening in, thank god, but all of our calls are being tracked.

I don't have time to blah blah blah on this right now, but wanted to get an alarm post in.

dankos2069 57M

5/11/2006 1:31 pm

well geez ditty, you know, if they wanted, they could read our license plates from satellites and watch you sunbathing nude with detailed photos for us finally. I got a call in.

The old man worked at NSA in Ft. Meade MD. Never knew what he did till I was around 16. You know the whole building is TEMPESTT treated? What a colossal its obsolete.

It's not going to stop, but hopefully they can use the tech to be more selective all way round. I interviewed for my first job there and they gave me a lie detector test and asked me if I ever had sex with animals...that was it...I told the old man no way I am outta here. What kind of jackasses do you work with? They also asked if I ever had a pain at the top of my head!! Your government dollars at work. My father was embarrassed at NSA for that.

dankos2069 57M

5/11/2006 5:15 pm

re photos: I would not post so I wouldn't expect anyone else to, I only tease you, there would be no mystery...

Tempest(t) is an idea to thwart electronic eavesdropping by essentially "draping" the whole building with a foil-type material, which I thought was green on one side, by incorporating it into walls, windows ceiling etc...later tests show the thing to be full of holes. 70's era thing I think. Here's one for you to think about though....

If the ability to hone in on details, gps coordinates at specific times via satellite exist why is this tech not being used to find kidnap victims, murder suspects, crucial surveillance and what not? If you know the time, the gps, why can they not reverse/forward the film, zoom in, then follow the perpetrator getting essential details after the fact?? Does that sound so freaking difficult or am I oversimplifying it?

Djeeper1987 48M

5/11/2006 7:27 pm

Yep Big Brother is watching!!! I hate it!!! Fucking pissing me off.

Carpe Diem

ilsuconu 57M

5/11/2006 8:01 pm

What a coincidence... I just finished watching "Enemy of the State" with Will Smith and Gene Hackman... EXCELLENT!

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