A.F.F. Theme Song and Slogan  

rm_silkditty 67F
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5/18/2006 5:39 pm
A.F.F. Theme Song and Slogan

I've been in two different stores in the last two days where U2's song "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" was playing. Such a haunting tune to hear while you're riffling through shoes and lingerie, or cookies and tea. Enough to make your panties wet.

It occurred to me that this particular song would make a good A.F.F. theme song. 'Course, I started to think of some other tunes that would also serve the purpose:

"Take Another Little Piece of My Ass" (ala Janis Joplin)

"How Can I Miss You If You Haven't Left Yet?" (a country tune for commitment-phobics)

"I'm In The Mood" ( blues from John Lee Hooker)

and of course:

"You Can't Always Get What You Want" (Rolling Stones)

So then I started thinking about A.F.F. slogans.


"A.F.F. - Eye Glue For You!"

"A.F.F. - The Lonely Crotch Club"

"A.F.F. - One Stop Shopping For Your Perversion Diversions!"

"A.F.F. - Best Bloodshot Eyeballs and Obsessive Thoughts In Town!" (with links to: help for carpal tunnel syndrome)

Okay, I know there are better theme songs and slogans out there, let's hear them!

rm_AnOddGirl 58F
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5/18/2006 7:03 pm

Ah you already named my current one "You can't always get what you want" - specially here in New Orleans, but sometimes, if your really lucky, "you can get what you need!"


ilsuconu 57M

5/18/2006 8:19 pm

I wonder how many folks remember this one:

"Take A Chance on Me" by ABBA

I think I'll re-record my intro video and use that as background music!

goboi_go 56M

5/18/2006 9:01 pm

"Crazy" - Patsy Cline>>> dedicated to at least one member I know

"Tubesteak Boogie" - ZZTop>> dedicated to your mom bless her heart

AF F Home Page Anthem

"Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road" - Loudon Wainwright III >> come on, stink

goboi_go 56M

5/18/2006 9:15 pm

I forgot one.

"Oh Babe, What Would You Say?" - Hurricane Smith
(perfect playful nightclub type song)

wickedeasy 68F  
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5/19/2006 1:04 pm

"come a little bit closer"

You cannot conceive the many without the one.

rm_ajahn2 66M
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5/19/2006 4:47 pm

Hi Legs, (ZZ Top)... (Apologies,...Silkditty!)

...how about:

"I'm Not in Love" by 10cc (Oldie but Goldie?)

Actualleee, I read an interesting story about the origin of the band's name...
...have you heard the story?

If it's true, it kinda fits the context of the forum, too!!?

May all being be at ease
Ps In the interest of scientific research;
(clue: 10cc's of...?)

rm_ajahn2 66M
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5/19/2006 7:07 pm


...apparently 10cc's is the average quantity of active spermicides in one ejaculation of a healthy males* seminal fluid.
That was the rumor re: the name...
I'm sure there must be someone out there who can confirm or negate these hypothesis?

C x
May all beings be at ease
Ps *Post Vasectomy = Nil
Pps Do you know I wish I'd never mentioned it?
...I feel dizzy LOL!!

BaronessK 53F

5/22/2006 11:52 pm

2 out of 3 ain't bad {MeatLoaf} and Lari White's Lead Me Not into Temptation {for I already know the way}. Or a rewrite of a song like I did, called Wastin' Away in Cyberitaville {to the tune of Buffet's Wastin' Away in Margaritaville}.

BaronessK 53F

5/23/2006 2:32 pm

Then again, how about, as an alternative, Rub It In, Rub It In; if I could just think who sings that.... Billy Joe Craddock so some name like that. I'm probably mixing 3 names into one right now, sheesh; too lazy to Google it.

Actually, the Wastin Away In Cyberitaville is a {computer} 'geek' joke, but when I rewrite it for this site, I'll pop in and get your opinion. Later....

BaronessK 53F

5/24/2006 7:23 pm

The Baroness does do command performances, so to speak. Here is the rewrite from Jimmy Buffet's Wastin Away in Margaritaville {and not the 'geek'/computer one that I had already done}:

Nibblin' on coffee cake
Watching the cams shake
All of those typists covered with oil
Typing in g strings
On their front porch swings
Watch the guys, they're beginning to boil

Wastin' away again in Cyberitaville
Searching for my lost password to Alt
Some people claim that there's a woman to blame
But I know, it's nobody's fault

I don't know the reason
I stayed here all season
Nothing to show but this brand new taboo
But it's just so nasty
exhausting not classy
Who thought up I haven't a clue

Wastin' away again in Cyberitaville
Searching for my lost password to Alt
Some people claim that there's a woman to blame
Now I think, Hell, it could be my fault

I blew out my laptop
with that last sex prop
Cut it short, had to cruise on back home
But there's one for backups
so I still can make pickups
with audio to broadcast the moan

Wastin' away again in Cyberitaville
Searching for my lost password to Alt
Some people claim that there's a woman to blame
But I know it's my own damned fault

Yes and some people claim that there's a woman to blame
And I know it's my own damned fault

- Sorry to Jimmy Buffett

Okay, so it's a not a masterpiece, but it kept me busy and somewhat amused for a few minutes! Then again, I'm visual, so it would! *LOL*

BaronessK 53F

5/24/2006 8:18 pm

I'm going to, as soon as I get the link for this one...after all, "AdultFriendFinder, SHE STARTED IT!". Yeah, I know. Putting that on there along with a song that I picked up {could SO apply to the profiles, blogs, and chat rooms on here! *L*}.

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