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1/14/2006 7:49 pm

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The first time I masterbated I was about 12 years old. I use to babysit for my aunt and uncle every weekend. One weekend I decovered some x-rated video tapes and decided to play one once the kids were sleep. There were naked woman with big breasts and shaved pussies and naked men with big fat hard dicks all licking, sucking and touching each other. The woman were sucking the men's dicks and the men were sucking the women's pussies. Watching this aroused me alot to where I had to put my hand between my legs. I started rubbing my pussy and making it very wet. Then the man layed the woman on her back spreaded her legs and slide his dick inside her pussy. This turned me on even more to where I had to unbutton my pants and slide my hand inside my panties and start rubbing on my clit. This was a pleasure that I had never felt before and it felt wonderful that I just layed back on the couch spreaded my leg alittle closed my eyes and imagined the man on the video fucking me. The more I rubbed the wetter I got. Then all of a sudden a pleasure can over me that felt so good that I just wanted to scream but I couldn't. Then a oozing sensation occurred down in my pussy. I HAD CUM FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME. Every since then I have been addicted to masterbating.

SwetDarkChoclate 47M

1/23/2006 2:55 pm

WOW aren't you the freaky woman. That's a good thing aleast you
know your body and what turns you on. Keep up the good work

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2/8/2006 11:03 am

baby in response to your quetion about meeting good me online tellme what your'e looking for find me at myhandle at yerhew!

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3/10/2006 12:58 pm

Shy, that is an amazingly hot story. Ever given any thought to masterbating with someone else in the room with you? Always been a fantasy of mine to watch a woman masterbate while I took care of myself. Nothing more than that...just two people pleasuring themselves while watching eachother. What do you think?

rm_hhfc 41M

8/22/2006 12:39 pm

Very descriptive!!! Sounds sexy as hell. I had a similar experience that started the ball rolling

cumwitus2005 46M/50F

11/2/2006 9:59 am

I like that, Maybe we can make our own movie..

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12/12/2006 9:34 am

Shy super hot , I start with my dad books reading them in the bathroom and strokeing my young cock at about 14 and i still read and watch movies and please myself every day , till i found this site and know i love to cam and have phone sex with ladies form here and i have meet some very hot ladies and had some great sex with them
again hot super story

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4/16/2007 5:31 pm

I loved your story and would love to get to know you better, so hit me up and lets chat

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