My latest fantasy creation...  

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7/4/2006 6:41 pm

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My latest fantasy creation...

This is a fantasy I came up with yesterday... sounds like fun eh? 100% mine. Care to tempt my imagination again?

Enjoy. Let me know what you think!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

You're working late one night at the office. As I'm casually standing beside the door I manage to catch it before it closes as some of the last people leave the office and slip inside.

I make my way deeper into the building thinking about how deep I'm planning on being inside you and slip by the security guard unseen.

As I come around the corner I see you working away at your desk in your short skirt, white blouse, stockings and high heels. As slowly and silently as possible I put down the bag I brought in with me and pull out a few things. I find a dark corner of the office by your desk and lay out the blanket, wine and glasses, a bottle of lube and some beads. I then casually walk over to you as you're working away and startle you at your desk.

After you get over the shock of seeing me, I lean over and kiss you so hard and passionately your lips hurt while I grab your shirt and rip it open sending buttons flying all over. I push you up against your desk, forcing myself between your legs. I shove my hand up your skirt gripping your panties and tearing them down.

I then proceed to finger you while I gently bite and suck your nipples. By now you have my shirt hanging open and are trying to wedge your hand down my pants but I will have none of it and shove you down onto the desk while I trace my tongue down your stomach and leave nail marks on your sides.

When I get down to your perfect pussy I gently part your lips and take your clit into my mouth. As I suck on your clit my tongue is pressing down moving all around it making you moan and shudder. I then start to lick and suck the rest of your now wet pussy until you cum in my mouth.

After you cum I then lead your over to the blanket and open the wine silently, as I have yet to say a word since I arrived. We lay there taking turns giving each other oral and licking all over our aroused bodies.

When we've finished the wine we're both feeling naughty so I lay you on your back and get over you in the 69 position. As I proceed to gently fuck your face I pick up the wine bottle and ease it into your moist pussy and begin to fuck you hard with it.

When you can't stand it anymore you push me over and slowly mount me inch by slow inch. After you ride me like a dirty cowgirl I get you to go on your knees and enter you from behind.

As I bury all 8 inches of hard cock deep inside you I suck on my finger and gentle start to rim your ass with it. When I start to do that I feel you reach down between you legs and start massaging my balls.

I slowly insert my finger into your ass and probe it as deep as it can go. When I cant get any further in I take my cock out and spit into the hole my finger made. I ease my hard throbbing cock into your ass while I watch you rub you clit vigorously.

I start to go faster and deeper and am soon pounding your ass as hard and deep as I can. After a few minutes I'm ready to blow my hot cum and I ask you when you want it, you tell me "I want you to blow your load deep inside my ass."

So as you look over your shoulder and tell me this I continue to pound you hard and fast as I can. I pull out one last time before slamming into you to the balls and blowing a huge gushing load deep in your ass. As we lay there panting I gently ease out only to watch the cum gently run out and down the inside of your leg. You turn over and squeeze the last drops out of my still rock solid cock and lick them off the tip...

rm_v_damico 37F

7/4/2006 7:05 pm

that's really hot! hehehe

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