Responding to an e-mail  

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7/23/2005 12:28 am

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Responding to an e-mail

I am curious as how a person should respond to a e-mail.I try and be myself and send e-mails to women that I think are a match for me.I am polite,tell what I am looking for,send a flower and a pic of myself,and tell the person what I like about their profile and a pic if they have one.I can see if I write that I just find you sexy and would like to do the nasty to you,and not get a response,but if a person takes the time to e-mail you and seems genuine in what he says,should he or she not get a response that at least tells them that you thank them for the interest but that you are not quite what they are looking for? I would really like some input on this.I hear all the time how women are disgusted on how men are toward them,but I have found that most of the women that I have e-mailed are just as bad,as in head games or just not caring to even aknowledge that you even exsist,except for a very few...

rm_wannabbadddd 59F

1/14/2007 5:25 pm

Hi babe! I always enjoy your emails...

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