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7/24/2005 3:06 pm

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Make the Effort

It all started as a fluke,I seen a woman's photo.I was taken back by her beauty.I simply had to get to know this stunning woman.Just her profile alone had me admiring her.I had to take the chance that she would find me interesting enough to respond to an e-mail that I was not sure how to write.I did write an e-mail to her,even though I was sure that is was not going to be good enough to grab and hold the attention of this woman that I could not get out of my mind. To my surprise she answered my e-mail.I was nervous and excited at the same time.It was short and sweet,but she was interested in chatting with me,be still my beating heart.We e-mailed back and forth a few times,nothing to deep or personal,because I was too shy and nervous,mostly jokes.As the months went by we chatted more and more,untill one day she asked for my home phone number,How could this be?This enticing woman actually wanted to talk with me personaly,no monitor,no key boards!I could hardly type in my phone number for my hands were trembling.We talked for what seemed hours,and may or may not have been because I lost all track of time,but not her voice.That voice,so friendly,full of life,and sexy.Over the next month or so,we talked aboutlife,love,family,and of course sex.We had and have alot in common.I really liked this woman that I had never met in person.But,would she really want a man that was a little younger than she thought she would like,and so far away from her?The answer came soon enough,she wanted to meet me.Me,the average looking,shy guy.Her silly man,as she likes to say to me.We set a weekend for me to visit,for I volunteered to make the trip to meet her.As my luck would have it,I could not make it,my work schedule changed.I was heartbroken and she was dissapointed,would she think I was playing her?This woman that I found so interesting and had so much in common with.I apoligized and told her that I would come and see her when I could.She said it was ok,but I could tell in her voice that she was hurt.We kept chatting on and off line.Finally,oh finally I got the time to visit.I talked to her to see if she would still like to meet me in person.She said yes,though I thought she sounded skeptical about me showing up.I was estatic,3 whole days with this woman that I found so appealing.So I drove to meet her,a smile on my face a song in my heart.After the 5 hour drive,though it seemed shorter,I got to her hometown.Was I nervous?HELL YES!Would she find me as personable and fun in person?I would soon find out.I called her to let her know that I was there in town.She would be right there in a min or two(she was in the shower,getting ready for me!)I was not far from her.Now it really hit me,how was my hair?Was my facial hair trimmed ok?Did my clothes fit me just right?I was nervous,sitting in my car waiting for this special lady.If I would have had nails,I would have surely chewed them off.She is here,suck it up.She gets out of her vehicle,OH MY GOD,she is even more gorgess in person.She only said one word,Hi.I melted on the spot,but could not let her see that.She walked up to me,looked into my eyes gave me a hug and kissed me.I swear my heart stopped.Then she tells me to follow her home,it is not far.We get to her home,her personality showing from room to room.We are both just a little nervous,but that quickly dispensed as we talk,have a drink,and sit on the couch holding each others hand.We had a wonderfull weekend,went to a hometown concert,a really big flea market,and just relaxing enjoying each others company.She treated me like royalty,and to me,she was my queen.I am sure by now you are all wondering,what about the sex?I can only speak for myself,but she was phenominal,just like her personality.She was so willing,so energetic,so damn have not had so much fun in 3 days for a very long time,and I am not just talking about the sex.Even though she was not sure she could take all of me(she said I popped her second did,with all the intesity and vigor of a 20 yr old.I will never forget it.We will be friends for life,and I hope there will be another time or two or three...With love I dedicate this blog to her,for she has given me the inspiration to write it.Do not let distance or a little differance in age stop you from finding a life long friend.....

3d60 49M

1/24/2006 4:43 pm

Awww thats so nice, good to hear success and banishment of fear...heres a poem for you both not about you persay but reminded me of it all me Juv me XX

Call back again

I called today just to here your voice
I miss your language your tone
But you have turned it off your phone that is
So I hear an anodyne message to call back again
I won’t I will wait
I will sing and drink for you instead
And when I wake message you in my head
The suns climbing rays filling the void
You have left here in my head and bed

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