Yep, it's still funny.  

rm_shyinsatin 32T
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7/14/2006 8:55 pm
Yep, it's still funny.

Okay, I might be a bad person. Or maybe I'm just bad luck. But it still cracks me up when I'm watching a guy on cam and he suddenly bolts upright in his chair and a few seconds later the feed goes dead and he signs offline. It's utterly worth the mood being lost. I might be having a bad day, but almost being caught with your pants down (literally), or even worse, actually being walked in on, makes for a far far worse day.

I don't use the site all that often, but half the guys who've invited me to watch their cams have had to silently flee into the night. And somehow, from the looks of things, it's not because of me.

Oh well. Another evening, another trip to

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