What is Up with No Real Men meaning straight!!!!  

rm_shyfemale24 40F
6/17/2006 12:05 pm
What is Up with No Real Men meaning straight!!!!

IS it too hard to ask for a straight guy??? Any other women having a hard time finding "the guy"??? I want to know if I am alone in this feeling or just being too picky lol. I do not want to do the ass fucking for crying out loud!!!! Too straight for that. Any other women getting sick of hearing a guy wanting ass fucking involved???? AM I ALONE IN THIS????????
Yes I agree
No I disagree
Oh man what not to like about ass fucking FOOL
ahhh ass fucking PAINFUL CONCEPT lol
we have a vagina what a guy need the asshole for!!!!
we men are too horny and just want to fuck in anywhere and anytime in whatever hole we can
we (men) are just kinky as hell
Helloooooooooooo (men only response) I don't want to assfuck twit!!!!

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