the philosophy of a drink  

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5/15/2006 12:28 pm
the philosophy of a drink

The place, Rue13 bar owned by my friend Tommy in st louis Mo. I go in and before i order anything i found myself holding a bicardi and coke. the bartender TJ know what i drink a bicardi and coke as always but ofcouse besides the the bicardi and and coke and the ice there is one other object in the drink that i hate and despise with a passion a straw and that was not enough but to further kill my ego and confidence the straw is a pink straw

Ladies and gentleman, i am a man and i am not ashamed to adimit i am a manly man but seriously it realy burns me up when i am dressed in my Vesarci suit and my kenneth cole shoes and my armmani tie holding a manly drink of bicardi and coke with a pink straw in it.

what in the world it possesses these people (owners and bartenders)to bye these god awful neon pink and yellow and orange straws , what every happend to just plan ordinary black or even white straws. It seems like it is a conspiricy against us alcohol lover who after working hard all day just want to go out and perhaps have a drink or two specialy if you don't like the taste of beer and then getting emasculated by a freaking pink straw. I am tired of this and want the system to be changed , so i am calling out to all those who are like me who like mixed drinks to join me in protest and scream out "Give me a Black Straw or give me death" okay perhaps i am being very melow dramatic but enough is enough we are American and we should not have to suffer this indignity and injustice brought on by the system and i will fight it with all my might


sincerely a foreigner

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