The pick up  

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9/10/2006 12:04 pm
The pick up

The pick up

I hated when he had to leave. I know it was for work and that he would be back but oh how torturous it always was. Finally after several weeks of being gone he was coming home. All the goodnight talks and the emails and IMs seemed as though they had vanished. Never existed. I felt almost as though I missed him more now knowing that he would be in my arms soon than I did when he was actually gone. Telling the limo driver to wait I got out and walked into the airport to wait for him. As I stepped inside I saw him walking towards me. Smiling I quickened my pace. His little jot caused his small carryon suitcase on wheels to overturn but he dropped it as soon as I was within arms reach to scoop me up into his embrace. The kiss felt like it would last forever and yet that was still not long enough. Finally laughing and just running our hands over each others shoulders and faces and through the others hair we made our way back to the limo. We climbed in the back as the driver put his luggage in the back. I pushed myself back to make room for him and leaned back holding my arms open. Sliding in and over almost on top of me he chuckled. "Miss me?" One arm slipped around my waist the other hand came up to cup my face and slid up into my hair. We kissed passionately until we heard the driver clearing his throat. Blushing he nodded to us. "Ready?" I buried my face into his chest and he laughed nodding yes. Suddenly he got up an dleaned forward whispering something to the limo driver. He sat back down beside me and put the privacy window up.

Quirking a curious brow at him I asked, "What was that all about?" A not so innocent shrug was given, "Nothing" That sly grin as you look over at me. I notice your eyes wander over me and then lingering on my legs a bit. I look down to notice my skirt has been pushed up a panties almost peeking out from under the hem. My hands move to push it back down and your hand covers mine. Shaking your head you push it up a bit further. "Sweety....." A smal hint of a pleading voice as I look over at the window where the driver was. "Its ok. He cant see. And do you really care if he could?" I blush and you get to your knees in front of me. I feel your hands sliding up my thighs and your fingers hook on my panties. Pulling them down slowly you lean forward and kiss just inside my right thigh above my knee. Shaking my head I move to close my legs but your hands stay my knees actually pushing them further apart. "I had a dream on my flight. Just relax honey." My brow furrows in confusion as you reach for your case and pull out the sleeping mask. "What are you doing?" I bite my lip as you slip it over my eyes. "Can you see?" I shake my head and whimper, "no". "Good" And suddenly I feel you sitting next to had slipping aroun dmy shoulders the other moving to unbutton my shirt. I gasp as you push it open. "What in the world are you....." You put a finger to my lips. "Shhhhh. Dont make me get out the towel too." A small chuckle from you as I feel the tip of your finger graze over my lips and just barely push past them. I run my tongue around your finger a moment and thne suck your finger into my mouth fully. "Thats it. Go with it honey." Pulling your finger out of my mouth you trail it down over my chin and down my neck. I feel you move your arm behin dme and suddenly my bra is falling loose. Your hand then moves up into my hair your fingers entwining in my hair and tugging back to tilt my head up. I give a small moan and turn my head slightly towards you. Your other hand has pulled my bra down. My arms are now restricted a bit as the bra is holding them in place with the sleeves of my shirt. I feel one of you rfeet hooking around my ankle and pulling my legs further apart.

I hear music start suddenly and I turn my head towards you. I feel your free hand carress my cheek and you whisper to me, "Do you trust me love?" I nod and bit e my lip nervously. I feel your fingers trail down down over my stomach and gently you rake your nails over my inner thigh. I gasp and squirm a bit. and you give a small laugh. Tugging my hair back once more so that my face is upward towards the roof of the limo you suddenly part my nether lips. I murmur and pull my head up "Noooo" You tug my head back again and kiss my neck. "Shhhhhh." As your fingers tease and gently circle my clit. My hips roll forward in a vain attempt to get you to apply that pressure to that stiff little nub. "Ahhh...thats my girl." You have me open with two fingers as one is just agonizingly teasing me. I am moaning softly now and rotating my hips in a horrendous manner. Whimpering loudly you finally move that one finger lower....circling my entrance now. I push my hips forward sharply now and you almost slip that finger in. "tsk tsk tsk" You pull me back up by my hair and using your whole hand give my entire region a small gentle slap. Shocked and stunned by this new developement I give a small very loud gasp. "Oh!" My kness come amost together as I in instinctual reaction pull back from the slap. "Oh no you dont." You lean over and push my knees apart again. You relase me hair telling me to keep my head back. I feel you slide off the seat next to me and I can hear what sounds like you removin gyour belt. I start to tilt my head forward again but stop midway as I remember your instructions. I feel the cold stiff leather of your belt around my rleft leg and as it tightens I feel my leg being pulled toward sthe door. No! He isnt....he couldnt.....But oh yes he was strapping my leg to door handle. I gave a tug and panicked pulling away. Quickly you tighten it and jump up wrapping one arm around my waist. " dear...come now. I would never do anything to hurt you. Trust me my love. me. I have thought about this from the moment I left you. Thought about every touch we have had....every kiss. All that you have done....I need to do this my dear. I need to show you ......" I feel your breath warm on my cheek as you sigh and I turn my head towards you. You press your lips to mine and slowly move me back into position during that kiss. Now you have yuor leg hooked over my right leg are holding my legs so wide open I am almost strained at this point. My head is up once more and my breath so fast I am almsot panting. You are running a finger gently from my neck down between my breasts. My back archs slightly and you rest your other arm across my shoulders to hold me back. I feel your fingers take one nipple in between and slowly roll. I moan and turn my head to the side. You give a small pull and my back archs even against you holding me down. "Oh....." You let up and I feel your mouth encompass the same nipple. Just gently sucking and carressing....your tongue working in slow circles over and around it. I go to bring one arm up to grab the back of your head and you pul back. "No. " You pull my shirt and bra off all the way. You take my hands and put them over my head making me grab the back of the head rest. "Keep them there." And then I feel your hair tickling my neck as you begin kissing me over my collarbone...working your way down back to my breasts. Your mouth moves over the tender soft flesh without barely giving more than a warm hint of breath to my nipples which are growing ever more hard each time you near.
As your mouth closes over one nipple my back arches and my head turns slightly. My hands are gripping the head rest tightly and I give a small moan. Your tongue is working in circles at first then starts to rapidly flick at the hardened core of my nipple. Just as I begin to bite my lip and squirm you release and kiss your way across my stomach. I giggle slightly as it tickles from your rough whiskers. Not exactly clean shaven just yet you smile and rub your chin across my torso and up the side of my rib cage. I squeal and squirm away as best I can but dont get very far. Laughing you slip an arm around me and put me back to where you had me. One hand slides up my stomach to carress my neck and then you place it as before across my shoulders/chest to secure me. My head moves from side to side for a moment before you place your lips near my ear whispering a comforting shhhhh to me. Your foot pulls my ankle to spread my legs as far apart as I feel they can go and then i feel your fingers from your other hand......just lightly grazing up and down my inner thigh. I whimper and try to squirm but the position you have me in makes it difficult. I feel your lips closing over mine and I moan softly just as your fingers make their way up to my nether lips. I try to move my hips but it is useless. You fingers part my lips and I feel just one cool fingertip sweep ever so gently over my now hard little nub. I shiver and groan into the kiss and you suck my bottom lip into yuor mouth. My head tilts back further but yuor arm is holding me down too well for me to arch or squirm much as your finger starts work in small circles around my clit. I am whimpering and moaning my hips gyrating best they can in the position yuo have me in. Finally just as I feel one finger starting to tease my entrance your other finger starts to move quickly over my clit faster and faster. You kiss my chin and my neck quickly and I feel your arm let me up and yuo move away from me. I figure you must have gotten on your knees because one hand si still working my clit and holding me open while I feel the other pushing my inner thigh open. Holding me. I give a loud gasp as you push a finger inside me and raise my hips up. You dont stop the maddening pace but now you have moved one hand to grip under my ass. Your fingers dig into the flesh of my ass and my legs start to tremble. As I am in the midst of my orgasm I hear you in almost a whisper "Thats my girl. Let it go." I bite down on my lip so as not to scream and when I am finally coming down you take your hand away completely. I feel two fingers just gently stroking between my lips up and down. You slip two fingers into me and your other hand pushes my thigh open again.
Just as I am bout to open my mouth to beg you to make love to me I feel your tongue.....licking me all around your fingers. Almost whining I plead "No.....please....sweety.... I cant.....Oh...." My voice raises as you suck my clit into your mouth. Taking it gently between your top teeth and your tongue and giving a small tug. My hips buck and push hard into your face. You bury your fingers deep into me and twist them around. I am almost thrashing as your tongue begins flicking my clit like mad. Your fingers moving in and out and swirling in me. I am grinding my hips into your face and you suddenly push your pinky finger into my ass. This last move pushes me over the edge and I scream out loud as I writhe in ecstasy. You ride it out your mouth glued to my clit. You slow down you tongue and continue working me with your fingers as I come down from this last orgasm. My body shaking and trembling. I feel you giving my inner thigh a tender kiss before slipping your fingers out of me.
Pushing yuorself up to stand over me as best you can in the limo you kiss me pushing your tongue deep in my mouth. I bring my hands around to grab you by the back of the head but your hands just take mine and put them back one the headrest. I moan in protest and you pull back from the kiss and laugh. "We are not done yet my love." One more quick kiss and i can just barely hear you removing your pants. The warm skin of your thighs against mine and I bring my one free leg up to wrap around your waist. You reach back and grab my ankle pulling my leg out from your body. I feel your cock hard, the head just rubbing up and down between my lips spreading my wetness. I moan and wiggle my hips as much I can before giving a groan. The way you are holding my leg making it nearly impossible for me to move much at all without pain. You slide into me and my back archs. "Oh....." You start slowly sliding in and out...watching as you pull almost all the way out and then push fully in again at the same maddeningly slow pace. "Please...." I beg. But you continue at the same pace....a long drawn out push in and a slow pull out. I am just about to give in to the pain and rock my hips forward when I feel you slip my leg over your shoulder. My ankle hooked on your shoulder just as you suddenly thrust quickly and hard into me. I groan and raise my hips up as much as I can.
Gasping and giving a small squeal of surpise as I feel your tongue circle around a couple of my toes you start to pump quicker into me. As you begin to pick up your pace working faster and faster. My hips moving in slow small circles I feel your mouth enclose my two biggest toes. Your tongues slips between them and I screech and squirm nearly hurting myself. I hear you groan and push hard deep into me. The groan vibrating tickles my toes and I giggle slightly pushing hard into you. I feel the fingers from your other hand suddenly on my clit and I nearly scream. "noooo...." Working my clit fast and thrusting deep and hard into take your teeth now and just rake them along the sensitive skin at the base of my toes on the under side of my foot. Your tongue then starts wiggling its way between each of my toes. I am pushing my foot closer to your mouth, my toes curling up almost protectively but your tongue pushes its way past them anyway. I feel the orgasm coming and I scream your name. You cum with me pushing quickly and hard into me as you suck as many of my toes into your mouth as you can. Finally you collapse on top of me.
After we catch our breath you kiss me and slip the "blindfold" off then whisper "I cant wait to get home to show you what your real surprise is."

4thoseabout2cock 54M

9/10/2006 12:56 pm

That was hot. That's all I have.

Thank you!

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9/10/2006 7:51 pm

Keep writing! Oh God, please keep writng! Seriously, great stuff...and the toe sucking...nice touch. You ought to think about doing it professionally...the writing I mean


9/22/2006 4:33 pm

Absoloutely wonderful.. I hope to read more..I missed seeing your show during your time with the stalker. i hope that worked itself out...keep up the literary efforts

trainer4u86 32M

12/5/2006 11:31 pm

love the story. wish i could reenact it with you.


12/25/2006 10:07 pm

what an amazying sorry, I came twice. I even learned a new trick from your story, never thought of the pain aspect and how it can be a bit of a turn on. Anyhow; wonderful story and I look forward to talking to you.
v/r Pedro

AAntonino 61M  
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1/2/2007 8:23 am

... and the Pulitzer Prize for Best Female eroticist goes to...

moto692000 53M
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1/15/2007 9:00 am

WOW I like it!!!...
Absolutely beautiful!!!

Tom660660 57M
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1/25/2007 6:09 am shoes? lol

Wonderful piece. What limo service was that?

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