Wonders...what could be, what could not be.  

rm_sheree73 45F
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3/18/2005 9:13 pm

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6/21/2008 2:36 am

Wonders...what could be, what could not be.

Such a lovely afternoon, the sun is shining bright, the sky so blue with white puffy clouds slowly floating by, birds chirping their love songs and the laughter of children playing in the park…

A warm breeze rustles through the leaves as it finds its way to me…softly embracing me in its gentleness. I sit on a park bench watching the children playing on the playground. My eyes move from child to child, seeing their happy faces laughing and smiling, so young and innocent. Then I see you…I’ve seen you before but not in this type of atmosphere. Always so professional and business like, the career oriented man. You’re there with your two little boys, both of them so handsome just like their daddy, running around being chased by you, giggling hysterically because they don’t want to be caught. Your face radiates such happiness and unconditional love for them.

One falls and bangs his knee and begins to cry. You go to him cuddling him safely in your arms as you tend to his booboo. So sweet and gentle, you are, so loving and caring. You lean down and softly kiss the pain away without a second thought. A few words of reassurance and he’s back up and running and playing.

I watch as the afternoon unfolds…the captivating scenes of you with your children. My thoughts begin to circle in my mind…seeing through all the obvious to what lies underneath. Wondering could a man like you ever love a woman like me…a woman with all my imperfections, and flaws and quirks.

I believe that everyone has a “perfect” someone in the world somewhere for them. Perfect doesn’t always mean flawless…could I be that “perfect” someone for you? Could I be the one that you look upon and see such radiant beauty it takes your breath away? Do you have the touch that will open up my soul and awaken me to new life?

You’re so beautiful……
Could you?...Can you?...Will you?........

You gather all your things as you prepare to leave the park. You take the children’s hands as you walk toward your car to go home. I watch as you buckle them in safely and get in yourself. You slowly drive away….

I wipe away a single tear that softly rolls over my cheek. With one last look around at all the beauty of the day, I rise and walk away…..wondering.

Eehaore 57M
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3/25/2005 11:16 am

Wow, Sheree, what a captivating story. You've captured such a feeling. I do so hope that someone is intersecting with your journey in life soon!

mnfun952 103M

4/2/2005 11:56 am

It's Spring... go outside and enjoy the weather!!

Luv2sharewithu3 54M
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5/11/2005 7:23 pm

Sheree, maybe your perfect man is thinking something like this. He loves his childrem more than life itself, tucking them everynight and seeing their smiling face when they awake is one of his greatest joys. But he knows something is missing, he can feel it, and he knows what it is. But he was a raised a family man, and always will be a family man, for that is all he knows how to be. Yet he knows he wants to show his children a true love, a love he know he does not now posses. But a love that seems so far off at a distance, so far from where he is. Though he is a family man, his heart yearns for love. So timidly sometimes he starts to look at women, giving them a smile but never letting on. So he goes back to his home tucks the childern, kisses his wife goodnight, and sits alone night and wonders to himself, what the time at the park would of been with his true love and their family. He thinks of the woman at the park today. The next time he hopes he can bring himself to talk to her and he so wants to discover who she is, as ponders to himself, she was so beautiful……Could she?...Can she?...Will she?..

Just a thought ....Rick

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