Blind Devotion Part 2  

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2/28/2005 9:22 am

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Blind Devotion Part 2

“So you are ready for part two?” Kat repeats. As I nod my head again, she releases my ankles and pushes some papers across the table…”Sign these.” Was all she said? “What are they?” I ask as I pick them up and start to read. CONTRACT OF SERVITUDE.
“Don’t worry about them, they just say that you are giving yourself to me for a period of time.” Kat states flatly. “And if you feel you have to read each word…. well then I’ll just take them back.” She says as she reaches for them.I pull them just slightly out of her reach “No, I don’t have to read them… I just have a few questions.”
“Such as???” Kat asks.“ Well, like for how long and what will you do to me?” I ask trembling with all kinds of thoughts running thru my head. “ For exactly 2 months and I do what I think is necessary to train you to be an excellent sex slave. And after 2 months you wish to remain with me we will renegotiate or you can go your own way.” And I think this over and start to ask more questions she continues…“If you have to think longer on this it simply tells me that you have not enjoyed yourself tonight….. All I can promise is that you will not be physically damaged during your 2 months with me…If this is not enough reassurance then Dog and I should leave.” As she rises and reaches for the papers once again…. I yank the papers away “ Do you have a pen?”Once again she smiles slowly that “all knowing smile” that sends chills up and down my spine and hands me a gold pen. I take the pen and turn to the last page and sign my name on the line that says “Slave In Training”. “Be sure to date it with today’s date, and since it is one minute after midnight then it will be the 1st of August.”
As I hand the papers back she hands me a tote bag….”Go to the restroom and put this on…. But you must put all of your clothes back in this tote…I want you completely nude and wearing only this cloak.” “Everything, even my shoes?” I ask surprised.“Yes everything. Even your shoes, it’s summer, haven’t you gone barefoot before?” “Yes but…” “But nothing, Slave…you will do as you are told or there will be a punishment.”

For some reason I hung my head in shame…it must have been her tone of voice… And I hurried to the bathroom to change. On the way I glance around to see how many were watching my shame…with relief I noticed that there were only three men at the bar and the Bartender. In the bathroom I pulled the black material from the bag… it was a full length robe with a hood with strings at the neckline to tie…there were no sleeves or slots for my arms and hands to go through so they must remain inside out of sight. But I had to open the door and I had to carry the tote back to Kat…. how do I do this without exposing myself to others? The door I could handle quickly but the bag ….I could leave it…but she would probably send me back for it…Oh, I will carry it inside the robe…with that done I was ready to return.

When I reached our table two of the three men were seated across from Kat and they were laughing at something she had said. This did not look good.

“ Um, Kat, I back.”
“Yes I know, I’m blind but I’m not deaf and you should address me as Mistress in the future, young lady!”
“Y, Y, Yes, Mistress.” I stammer.

“What’s going on here, is she our slave or something?” asked one of the men.
“Yes she is, as of tonight.” Kat stated.

As they talked about me as if I wasn’t there, the third man walked up behind me, he reached over my shoulders and grasped the open edges of the robe and pulled them back over my shoulders leaving the front of the robe wide open for all to see. I gasped and dropped the tote bag and struggled to reclose the robe.

“Stand still, Slave.” Was my Mistress’s only comment.
“But, Mistress..He…”
“SILENCE ! ! I don’t care what he did…. Stand still and be quiet until you are spoken to.”
While I was trying to get Kat’s attention the man was running his hands up across my stomach and squeezing my breasts.
“But Mistress you don’t know what he is doing to me.”
Looking pissed off she turns towards me and asks, “So slave, just what is he doing to you?”
“He is manhandling me and squeezing my breast.” I stated indignity.
“So….” She says with that knowing smile of hers’ “I don’t see a problem, you are my toy and if he wishes to play I don’t have a problem with that and you have no say in it anymore. So stand there like a good girl and be quiet.”

She turns back to the two men and asks, “Well, gentlemen what do you think of my new slave?” They both eye me up and down as the third pinches and pulls my nipples out and away from my body.

“Not bad, but she is going to need some training.” One of the men states.
“Yes but I think she has some promise. Replies Kat.
“Well I would like to know if she is any good at cock sucking? The other man asks.
“Yes that would be good to know.” Replies Kat as she turns to me. “On your knees slave” The men all get up and surround me as I am pushed down onto my knees. The man with the cock-sucking question walks to stand in front of me and pulls down his zipper. I almost pass out when I see the size of him, his dick had to be at least 11 inches long and a good 5 or 6 inches around. And I am suppose to take this monster into my mouth? The man behind me pushes my head closer to the monster. “Well slave, let’s see what you can do with “Big John” here.”
“Do as you are told slave.”

Jerosd 48M

3/2/2005 4:05 am

This kinda cries out for a part 3....*get's comfy in his leather chair for part 3....hehhehehe*

mnfun952 103M

3/2/2005 4:03 pm

Sheree - You're an excellent writer. I'm enjoying your blog and I await 'episode 3'.

Have a great day,


rm_EE407 42F
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3/9/2005 1:42 pm

Sheree, hun... even though your story ain't my thing, I'm dying to know what happens the next two months... do tell...

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