Blind Devotion 1  

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2/27/2005 7:42 pm

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Blind Devotion 1

It was a cold, wet night.......well that's the way these stories are suppose to want the TRUTH???!!! Oh allright!!! It was a warm, wet night........Well it was!!!! It was summer and it had been raining, not hard just a light mist...So there!!! Rain never bothered me and I didn't live far from the Bar, so I didn't wear a jacket or take an umbrella. I was told to sit in the back
booth, not to wear panties or a bra and to be sure to wear a short skirt. She told me....Yes I said "she"...anyway....she told me to order a drink and to play with myself!!! Said she wanted to be able
to smell me when she got there. She said she would find me by the smell...Now I don't smell bad and I can't figure out exactly what she meant....But she guaranteed me the time of my life....and I'll try
anything at least once!!

So ...there I was sitting with my back to the door and the rest of the Bar....drinking my Rum & Coke with one hand and two fingers of the other hand sliding slowly in & out of my very wet pussy. The next thing I know there is a blind woman & her seeing-eye dog standing next to my table.... for some reason I quickly pulled my fingers out of my
pussy and felt my face turning if she could see what I was doing!!! A slow smile crept across her face, "It's nice to know that you followed the important part of my instructions!"

As she slid into the seat across from me, she purred "Hello Susan, it's nice to smell you!" With my face burning and my mind racing for something to say, she continues, "I guess I never mentioned that I'm blind....but there are alot of things that I forget to mention .....My name is Katrinia but you can call me "Kat" and this is "Dog",she said as she gestured toward her large Rottweiler. "What's his name?" I stupidly asked.
"It's "DOG"!!, get it "Kat & Dog"- we get along Very fact we do Everything together!"
"Isn't that right, Dog?, she turns her head and asks. Dog answers with a soft rumble in his throat. Kat turns back to me "Will you do me a favor?" "Sure Kat, what?" "Well, she purred, I want you to put your feet on my bench, one on each side of me." When I do this, she reaches down and wraps her fingers around each ankle...tugging gently on my feet, she coos "scoot your ass to the edge of your bench and open your knees wide." As I do this she simply says "Lap Time". Lap Time???? what does that mean I'm wondering...but I don't have to wonder long cause "Dog" headed under the table and I can feel his hot breath on my pussy. Kat smiles she can see the shock on my face. "Begin Slowly" she purrs. "Dog's" tongue gently licks the outside lips of my pussy.....ooooooohhhhhhhh it felt like someone
flicked my pussy with a blowtorch!! My legs tensed up and Kat could feel it thru her hold on my ankles, "Relax and enjoy Susan!" she purred softly. "More Dog" was her simple command and I get two licks with that giant tongue. OOOOOHHHHH God!!! How wonderful!! My eyes close and the licks keep cumming two at a time with a pause between each pair. At each pause I want to beg for more and just when I'm ready to say something....Slurp! Slurp!! I'm in estasy again!!! And I thpought I was wet before. "Inside Dog" and no sooner said than I feel his tongue slip between my pussy lips and hit my clit......ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Moaning I open my legs even wider and scoot down to meet that
heavenly tongue.Electricity was zapping and crackling outward from my clit every time that large wet rough tongue made contact. With each
lap I feel that the next one will bring me to a screaming climax! Kat leans across the table and whispers "Open your mouth Susan." This I do with out thinking.....she slips a folded drink soaked
cloth napkin into my mouth and tells me to "Bite down." "Eat Dog!" is her next command and "Dog" chows down !!.....his tongue travels from clit to asshole and back so fast and with just the right amount of pressure that I'm shaking all over with the building seems the more I react the faster his tongue moves........ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!! I'm going over the edge and it feels like he is fucking me with his
tongue...........I am climaxing so hard that I am gushing and "Dog" is lapping it up as fast as it cums or I cum......I bite down to keep from crying out loud and in the background I can hear Kat
laughing softly. As my climax slows so does "Dog's" tongue and Kat purrs, "Well Part One is finished.....are you interested in Part Two??? It's even better than Part One!!" All I can do is nod my head......YES!!!!!!!!

*Stay tuned in for part 2 tomorrow BTW, this is a story a friend of mine wrote. Mine is still to come. Its turning out to be a long story and I'm not having much luck getting it finished in what free time I have. I will post it though when I finish.

Jerosd 48M

2/28/2005 12:57 pm

*stays glued to the screen....watching as time passes by.....

Elysium7 53M/45F

2/28/2005 1:15 pm

well...I'll certainly give more serious consideration to saying "yes" the next time my brother asks me to watch "bozo" his golden retriever. What a tongue! Terrific and very sexy stuff sheree...don't stop..please don't stop...YUM L.

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