what a waste of time  

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4/20/2006 10:48 am

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what a waste of time

not so long ago we started chatting to a cpl that sounded genuine and looked very cool, we decided to meet at a club and see where it would go from there, so far so good she was a babe as my partner is here mate showed up later he seemed ok, but very quite the girls started to get tipsy and went off to the toilet, i tried to get things going with her partner but he was not having it, i had already guessed that the girls were getting it in in the loo, as i thought that is what happened i was so jealous that i missed it but there you go, when they got back they were very flushed looking, but obviously enjoyed it, we decided to leave it at that until the next time when we would go all the way, the girls kissed goodnight and i mean kissed, he just walked away we said good night, and was looking to the next meet, then no contact, we had their phone number so i rang, she was very offish and said that we were getting to close, i said ok if they did'nt want to meet again that was fine and wished her luck, then while going thru other profiles there they were under another name, cool no problem but saying had first encounter with a f on f and looking for their next conquest, we might be a bit sensitive but the feeling of being used and lied to comes to mind, don't get us wrong we know the way some people work but honesty would be nice

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4/20/2006 12:34 pm

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