The UPS Man [Another Fantasy Installment]  

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The UPS Man [Another Fantasy Installment]

He’s been delivering packages to my house for 3 or 4 years now; always smiling, never in too much of a rush to exchange pleasantries, but never long enough for me to see whether or not there was a ring on his finger. His eyes twinkled like sunshine and there was just always something about him that brought me joy with every package. I often wondered if I found things to order just so I could see him. Of course it didn’t hurt that he had the shoulders and thighs of a Green Bay lineman, and a rugged handsomeness rivaling the likes of Ving Rhames.

I had been actively pursuing a desire to reinduce lactation and wondered how much he knew about some of the packages he was delivering: Breast pumps, herbal teas, and a variety of other lactation aids as well as the vibrators and dongs to at least attempt to respond to the arousal all that nipple stimulation evoked.

It was the day I was awaiting the arrival of a refill on one of the many herbal concoctions I’d been ingesting. He was more cordial than even was customary for him and he lingered at my door chatting about the weather, the state of union, construction traffic … his EX-wife. “Okay, this is NOT my imagination,” I mused silently, “this man is grasping for reasons to stand here and talk to me.”

Periodically his eyes would wander down to my breasts. I had a bad (or good ‒ depending on your point of view) habit of running around in flimsy knit tank tops with no bra, despite the public warnings of gravitational damage to unbridled 40DDs. When you’re trying to pump every 3 hours or so to convince them to make milk, tangling with getting them in and out of a harness isn’t practical. More importantly, I liked feeling my nipples brush up against the ribs in the knit and the big bumps they made when they got hard. I didn’t have to look to know my headlights were all the way on for this man.

Yes, there it was! Another flash of his eyes below the neck, and then this odd look crossed his face. “What was that? Embarrassment? Shame?" He was definitely uncomfortable all of the sudden and began to stammer, “Um… ma’am?” he tried to begin and looked down again; only he wasn’t being coy or flirtatious anymore. I glanced down at my chest to see small ringlets of moisture starting to swell on my shirt.

My first instinct was to pull my forearms up to cover my nipples and keep them from leaking ‒ an old behavior established 11 years ago when I would let down before I made it to the baby. “I’ve embarrassed you,” he offered apologetically, “I... I just was... well...”

I was caught between wanting to celebrate my long sought goal being achieved and how to respond to this poor man standing there watching this unexpected wet T-shirt show. “Say it! Go for it!” my inner voice demanded. I looked into his now evading eyes and regained his focus, “would you please step inside?” I finally said aloud. He dutifully obliged and I wasted no time. While swinging the door closed behind him with one hand, I pulled the hem of my shirt up with the other to reveal my dripping breasts. He was still in somewhat of a state of shock when I pulled his head toward them as my hand returned from the door. He resisted only for that split second it took him to figure out what I wanted him to do. His board hit the floor as his mouth lay claim to my breasts; taking them both into his large hands and licking the already spilled milk from my teats. I led him backward toward my staircase and rested against its steps for support. After a few minutes of playing with them he took one deep into his mouth and began to drink from me hungrily. I could feel his cock stiffen in his pants against my thigh and reached to free him. He excitedly assisted and shoved them down around his knees never releasing my nipple from his mouth.

I measured his naked cock with my hand and ached with the desire to get it inside me. It was long and thick and so stiff I was almost afraid it would break if I bent it too far to guide him in and I had yet to discard my shorts. He had obviously been considering this logistic as he pulled the wide leg open, tucked my panties over to one side and slid into me. Not having much milk for this first suckling, he had emptied the one he’d been feeding from and moved to the other. The walls of my vagina grabbed and pulsated against him in response to that sweet release of milk into his mouth. He answered my begging throbs by easing his cock gently deeper.

He held it still and deep as he continued to feed and let out a small moan each time I closed in on him, feeling every beautiful inch of his penetration with my cunt. When he did move, it was slow and easy ‒ like he was stroking the inside of me with his dick. This! This is the depth of sensual pleasure I had missed; the miraculously erotic act of giving and receiving life at the same moment in time. He could feel the tempo of my preorgasmic ejaculations quicken, the quiver that was now present with every attempt I made to wrap myself tighter and tighter around him. His strokes quickened ever so slightly as my hips ground and rose to meet him.

My teat now held between his teeth he made one final thrust and I felt his warm sweet cum pour into me. The quivers turned to thundering spasms as my back raised up off the steps shoving my breasts into his face. He caught me with both his arms and finally let go of my breast so he could watch my body shudder and writhe underneath him. We lay their panting against each other for a few more minutes before we felt the need to gather ourselves back to our feet.

Without a word he drew up his pants, zipped and refastened his belt. As he turned to leave, almost ashamed, I pulled his eyes back to me. “Same time tomorrow?” I asked expectantly. The light returned to his eyes and a smile swept his lips, “Yes, ma’am.”

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8/3/2006 9:49 am

Well yes, there is definitely something to be said for... home delivery. *winking*

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