Could This Be The Day?  

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6/27/2006 6:41 am

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Could This Be The Day?

Woke up this morning to aching nipples. As I pulled my left arm toward my right side to sit up, it rubbed against the side of my breast. Ouch! I cupped both breasts in my hands as I got up to support the weight of them. They are definately getting heavier, but is there milk!

Downstairs for coffee. I stood there waiting for enough coffee to drip through for my first cup and as I have grown accustomed to doing, grapped a boob and messaged -- not realizing how much more tender they'd become since just yesterday. My knees literally buckled from the instant arousal and I caught myself by the counter. "Shit!" The coffee wasn't the only thing dripping now.

"How can I be this tender and not even a drop!" So I sat down at my computer, rubbed and pinched, talked to them, "come on girls, I know you can do this," and noticed that while no liquid was forthcoming, the milk ducts in my nipples were becoming larger and I could actually see where they were when I pinch them. "That's gotta be a good thing."

As if the Universe itself is putting the next stepping stone before me, I received an invite this morning from a fellow adventurer. She will remain nameless here (for now anyway), but as I read her profile I found myself not simply drawn to the possibility of fantasy fulfillment, but to who she was. It was like looking in a mirror. I have felt the emotional draw to a female in friendship before. I have thought "I'd like to fuck her" before, though admission of that is only recent. Never, however, at the same time for the same person. For the first time in my life I wonder without hesitation, "could my soulmate be a girl?" This particular person may or may not be, but the very fact that I am able to seriously entertain the idea is a giant leap on my path to self-awareness. For that, I am eternally grateful no matter what else transpires.

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