Raw Power  

rm_shekeria173 42F
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7/12/2006 12:53 am
Raw Power

we, (tiny west coast town) got hit by the most amazing lightning storm this afternoon.

Caught me completely unawares. was sitting in the lounge, minding my own buisiness. when i see the flaze through the curtains. The boom, which was instantanious, made me jump out of my skin.

Shit that was close. by the time i got up and unplugged everything, and turned power switches off. two more streaks ocurred. each louder and closer. then the rain came. torrential, driving, almost vertical with the wind.

now i love lightning storms. it's like an electrical charge goes off through my body, and im just buzzing with energy.

it took a while to get over that first initial excitement.

My horse, was the next. now he's an east coaster horse. ( dont get me wrong, folks. i have witnessed some of your storms. but they are nothing like on the West Coast). Fenced in a small section, with an electric unit. i could not afford for him to panic and get out.

By now the rain had eased off, and i figured i needed the exercise. Wny not walk up to his paddock, and check on him. He might even appreciate an early dinner.

distanced walked takes about ten minutes. The rain got me with 200m to go. people often describe this act of nature, as if a bucket of water had been tipped onto their heads. Now replace the bucket with a bath tub full of water. just the wieght is impressive.

During all this, there is the most amazing bolts of lightning going on. streaking across the sky. blurred by the thick purple clouds. (most of the time). gave the light a pinkish glow.

Upon reaching the paddock, and giving him his hay. i crouch under some punga ferns, and watch him to see how he reacts it all. He didn't give shit. Man!! some of those strikes, where so close, and crystal clear. the sound was like a cannon going off in your ear.

Surprizingly, i was very sheltered and the undergrowth, was fairly dry. i cruised out there while the storm lasted.

Yes i was wet. And cold. but the exhilleration, the display of raw power. ah god, it was worth every minute. on the quite side. there were times when my heart stopped.

southerndublover 50M

1/8/2007 7:09 pm

Cool story....you are game going out in that!!! Hey what about mountain huts and thunder stormz???

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