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It was a simple plan,

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She looked up into his blue eyes and said, in a freightend and almost pleading voice.. "Zinali! kyptnali! nali nali nali....." He loked at her with confusion and fear, as funny as these words might have been, as cute if he had not worried about her fear, now he was genuinly and to a far greater degree concerned for what they meant, and frustrated by his own lack of understanding. "What does that mean Tren?" He asked, but she only heard "fish book arc not!" She slowed down and spoke louder "Zi! tredos krypt nali! nali coo mek krypt je TRENALI!!!"
(Look! no words keep nothing.... nothing my mind keeps, it's IMPORTANT!). But he only understood the last word (he thought) "Trenali?" he replied... "Trenali" she confirmed. "Your full name is something something something Trenali?" he asked touching her chest. But what she heard roughly translated meant that "something very very very bad would happen to her if she left the house", though she knew that he didn't mean this (she hoped) the confusion continued to freighten her more. She also knew that this may mean that the day she had to leave had come, or that something "important" had happened to the colony of tribes, her people were in "important" danger. "Trenali," she repeated, tears streaming, eyes searching his for comprehension, which though they were full of, she knew it was a false comprhension as he quietly echoed, nodding "trenali". She collapsed into his chest as countless tears streamed from her and poured like all the water she had never wasted onto the carpet beneath her. "trenali" she thought to herself.

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Oh dear... poor Tren... *munch munch munch* popcorn, anyone?

The Big Bang was the mother of all orgasms.PrincessKarma

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who else is gonna die in this movie.....


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