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For Ours

For Ours

N.A.: New Age ‒ The period of peace that began following the Last War of the Age of Great Wars, and ended with the Grand Exodus. (G.E.) in 1000 N.A. .
The Four Great Books: The formal name given to the database (Commonly called “The Edos” containing comprehensive information about almost any subject of which humans have knowledge. The name is derived from an ancient system of cataloging the multitudes of encyclopedias and the books which were kept in the Great Library at Edos. See also Edos (Etdos), before the digitization decree of 1020 (N.A).
Edos: (Etdos) From the ancient words etta meaning four and dossay meaning book or scroll. Before the advent of computers the small island served as the main repository for books, audio records, video records, media records both official and unofficial, journals and correspondence of the deceased (the practice being that these were sealed to all but immediate family for 200 years ‒ see “kryptang” , plus material samples and objects of historical objects, curiosities. The Island became one large building around the 2nd century (N.A.) after the Last War, That covered the entire island, and by the 5th century (N.A.) the four sided building was 120 levels tall, had 32 basement levels, with many levels being nearly 30 feet in height and a few with ceilings heights great as 90 feet. Legend says that the island which sits in the middle of The Ahlcommon Ocean is protected and sacred to Man and God(s) alike.
Ahlkahmun Ocean: is surrounded by 200 miles of reef and un-navigable waters had no strategic value to any of the four continents though it is reasonably accessible to all. Many other islands along the barrier reef served the strategic needs of the continents during the 7 Wars years, the Sky Wars years and by the era of Great Wars (ending with the Last War of the Great Wars) was protected by recognized treaties. Legend has it that in the time before war ships the island was protected from attack by religious leaders who used various reasons for keeping conflicts out of the area of the reefs of Ahlcommon. Sea battles were always rare on Ahlcommon as the mariners of this navigationally difficult but large body of water shared cultural attitudes that made water conflict most unacceptable (This attitude would carry to the Pilots in the Sky War, and no significant air battles have ever taken place over the waters of Alcommon.)

Ahl - water
-ang (suffix): similar to the suffix ing to do or be but in a positive (good) way.
- ung (suffix): simlar to ing, to do or be in a negative or bad way.

Kahmun: joined, connected, shared, united, in math union, married, tribe, community group etc.
Etta: (four in the ancient tongue)
Numbers in the ancient tounge: nali, aht, va, dey, etta, mu, sha (or chja), ji (gee), kectva (or kecka), dadey (or da), aht-nali, aht-aht, aht-va, aht-day…. va-nali, de-nali …. Aht-nali-nali, aht-nali-aht, ….. va-nali-nali, va-nali-aht, …… da-da-da, ku (coo), ku-aht, ku-va, ku-dey, ku-etta …… ku-va-nali-nali, ku-va-nali-aht ….. vaku, vaku-va ….. vaku-aht-nali-nali ….
Nali: zero, nothing, insignificant.
Zi: million, or, to see, seen, or saw.
Bi (bee): billion
Eus(oose): infinity, infinite, all, every

je: be, of, is, it's, most forms of being, or belonging.

mak: our
makt: us, we
mek: my
mekt: me, I

Tre: negation prefix ex trecommon: not unified.
Trenali: not insignificant, important, special.

Kryp: keep, save, bury (as treasure), conceal, hold, posess, own, rule.
Kryptang: rembember, consider, reflect, rule benevolently, to be magnanomous,
Kryptung: to regret, to punish, to be sour

Watt: fish, water creature. ("watt je makt" means "we are all from (or belong to) the sea" )
Witness: ahtzi from aht, and zi

Ahtzi - Ahtzi: "What is witnessed by one, is witnessed by millions."

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When the attack came on the agents, and their communication was cut off several intersting sad and some funny things happened. Most agents were smart enough to figure out quickly what was going on. Any sort of printed material, most media, quickly revealed the problem to agents in the city. The sudden loss of ability to communicate greatly amplified the problems there too, and made it easier for people to detect that there was a problem and become freightened. that's why so many of the city agents found themselves under serious scrutiny at hospitals and with various agents of the government before they had time to adapt to the sudden disadvantage. In some countries this sudden disadvantage led to imprisonment, and in at least one case, to death. Many had to flee, and hide to avoide immediate problems.
+++Some of the agents lived well outside the city in agrarian lifestyles that lent themselvs to physical rather than mental forms of communications. One for instance was traveling with migrant crop workers, since he joined them as an English speaker the group understood he did not speak their common language, and the farmers who employed him were likewise used to working with people who did not speak English.
+++Geose was working in the field when the attack came. By noon when lunch was called, he was completely exhasted and dying of thirst. This farmer provided beans with meat, and a tall glass of water, free lunch to his workers doled out by a Hindu kid who also helped around the farm. While waiting in the lunch line the farmer was stode near Geose and spoke almost mumblingly of a squeeky pump-jack on his land that was see-sawing nearby. It was bringing up precious crude from the ground, of which he got a small but benificial cut. The words the farmer mumbled half to himself meant something like "I sure like what gas prices are doing for my wallet" (and were in a deep Texas draw) sounded in alien almost perfectly like "What is the second need? (after air)". The farmer gaze met Geose's as if expecting a reply, so the usually quiet Geose responded, not realizing he was speaking alien now, "Ahl (water)". The farmer took this to mean "oil" and gave a smile and said "yep, ah luv it!" and walked on about his business. Geose naturally assumed the farmer had, as he often did, responded in what little broken spanish the farmer had learned over the years, thinking nothing of the fact that he did not understand the last part. The rest of lunch and the work day was uneventful.

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Agent Tawnya was working at her desk in a cubical farm on the twenty third floor when the attack came, her radio playing softly in the background as she worked. The phone rang. In a mesmerized state she picked up the phone and held it to her ear. "Tawnya" the voice said. "Confirm Tawnya" she replied in an automatic and monotone voice. From the phone's earpiece came "Etta, Dey, Va, Aht, Belua Tawnya, Nali, Nali, Nali" the phone went dead and she unconciously hung up the phone. After a moment her mind snapped to. She did not remember picking up the phone hearing voices, or hanging up, all she realized is that for a moment she had "spaced-out" as her co-worker said, ("Tanya, You've been "spacing-out" all day! ", and that she had to get back to work.
+++ But now it was appearant that her computer had crashed or something because the screen was all messed up, she hit a few well remembered keys and the node rebooted as she closed her eyes and rubbed her temples to relieve the stress. "I must be overworked" she thought "Or maybe I am getting Earth sickness", but when she re-opened her eyes her computer was still down, so instinctivly she grabbed the phone and hit the third button to the right... "Hey tech support this is Tanya in auditing, my computer is messed up and won't clear on reboot, I've had a long day, get someone here ASAP!" and slammed down the phone. On the 15th floor a young kid working his third summer for the company hung up the phone and started laughing. "Joe" he called out to his friend I just got the wildest phone call from that hot chick in auditing...... "sounded like she was yelling at me in arabic or polynesian or something". "Play it back, let me here it" Joe said half amused and half concerned, wanting to here the call himself. It was his job to be concerned for not only was this office call center the company's tech support, it was also anti-corperate espionage, and part of corperate and building security, so every call in or out, and every data transaction in or out of the office came through this floor (mostly unknown to company personell). As the recording played back, Joe became quite concerned (this being after the terror attacks came to the homeland) and took control of Steve's terminal himself, clicking on the twenty third floor icon, the the third quadrant area of the schematic that displayed in front of him, her cubical, then phone records, last call, and play. Wholly shit! We got a terrorist Steve, and she has just cussed you in Arabic, which means this is going down now! Call security, I'll call the police!" He said running back to his cubical "Tell them she is armed and dangerous, and might have a bomb!" .....
+++++++ Tawnya was still rubbing her temples with her eyes closed when she heard the comotion that caused her to stick her head above her cubical, by now messages telling people around her to clear out quietly and calmly had been popped up on the screens of all of the workers around her as well trained professional armed gaurds took up key positions for maximum control of the situation, security continued to monitor from above as the terrorist seemed deep in prayer, no doubt preparing for one last mission.
++++ Finally one officer, gun raised made noise sufficiant to get her attention, and used her name no less. "TANYA" Chief Security Officer Brant said in a loud but forcibly calmed voice.... She stood up and turned toward him startled by the situation which she understood was serious, but could not understand why. With his pistol aimed at her, and with (unkown to her) four other men covering her he said slowly and clearly but in a very authoritative voice, "Put your hands above your head!" of which Tawnya understood "Paper fastener, fucker, throw here!". "Why would you cuss at me?" She demanded, both alarmed and now offended, but reached down to comply. Officer Brant heard only something in Arabic. So when Tawnya reached down and grabbed her stapler and stood up to thow it to him, he was already sure of the situation, he did not realize it was a stapler until it landed at his feet, hitting the ground about half a second before Tawnya's perforated corpse.

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