can u belive this?!  

rm_shanley1986 32F
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3/15/2006 3:49 pm
can u belive this?!

ok when i was 17 right befor i turned 18 i started dating a 16 year old. well i was with him for almost 2 years. and the day after halloween last year they did a probation sweep were we just so happened to be. things i guess were said and now almost 6 months after that and i have been away from him, they are charging me with oral opoculation/ unlawful sex acts!!! now the even funnier twist about it is my lawer has not only never seen a case like this, he doesnt even know what to do!? so have any info on what my rights are or just want to nosey feel free hit me up anytime, i got to trial 2 marrow. but i will update when i find out what happens...

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