Dream a little dream  

rm_shagknight 49M
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9/11/2006 10:15 am

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9/12/2006 11:52 am

Dream a little dream

Is the medication finally wearing off, or am I just getting used to it? If it isn’t the drugs messing with my head, then how does one explain the dream I had last night?

I am not one who typically has x-rated dreams. Most of mine involve some sort of project or school. In fact I think I have graduated from most major universities at one time or another in my slumber.

However, last night was different. Even when my dreams involve sex, they are usually with some unknown partner that I have never met or even laid eyes on.

Last night I dreamt of having a sexual relationship with a coworker. This wasn’t just a coworker, but a subordinate too.

While this may not seem “major” to many, it is quite major to me. First of all, she was not someone I had felt attracted to in any way prior to this dream. She is pretty, but she is also more than 10 years my junior and not really “my type” in the broad sense of things.

But here we were ‒ in my dream. And it wasn’t the romantic, violins-playing-in-the-background scene you would expect in a dream. It was almost too real. We were stealing a moment away over lunch to go to a local motel – not exactly “Oscar-winning” material.

What’s worse is that I enjoyed it. I woke up happy. (Not a happy ending, you pervs… no changing of the sheets required).

When I saw her at work this morning, I noticed her attractiveness a little more. I noticed her smile a little more. I noticed the way she brushes her hair back with her hand every-so-often.

I fully understand the perils of such thought ‒ if acted upon. This is the reason why I would never take things beyond writing here.

I did find it interesting that my subconscious mind would do something like that ‒ whether it was a result of the antibiotic/decongestant intake or not.

A passing glance does have an impact.

Until next time…

As long as we live in a world of illicit sex while using mind altering drugs, I’ll be a snug as a bug, baby, Yeah!

angelofmercy5 60F
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9/12/2006 4:27 am

Isn't it amazing how even a dream can make us more aware of things around us that we hadn't noticed before? Illicit sex..........eh?

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