Dammit, where did the day go  

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8/11/2006 6:33 am
Dammit, where did the day go

I promised myself that I would not miss a day (other than the weekends) from blogging. Yet, that is exactly what I did.

Now, here I am, with a belly ache, a headache and work to do.

Note to self: Stop feeling sorry for yourself you big sissy.

Here are some random thoughts and observations to help you through your day.

-- According to Donald Trump's radio commentary this morning, people who have frequent sex have less stress and lower blood pressure than those who don't. He said that some doctor in England (don't they all come from there?) worte in a report that a hormone is released during sex that helps with stress management. THAT'S MY PROBLEM!!! I NEED TO RELEASE SOME MORE HORMONES!!!

-- Someone I know from AdultFriendFinder saw me in a restaurant recently. The funny part was that it happened in a different town than either of us live -- by many man miles. She said, "I was going to come up and say, 'hi,' but I forgot your real name. I didn't think 'Hi Shag' would work." No doubt -- but funny nonetheless.

-- Something to learn about me. I am never too tired, too busy, too hot, too cold, too sick, etc. to have sex, OK? If there are a few minutes to spare, I can fill that time with sex. This may not be for anyone here, but I had to get that off my chest.

-- Related to the above: When I have had a long day and need to unwind... you got it.. of course oral sex will work just fine too.

-- I'm off my soapbox now -- lol

-- I'm never gonna have a "six pack." I really want one though. However, I didn't even have one when I was in the Air Force and doing sit ups everyday. I did flatten my tummy area, but that was as far as it when. Now, that I am 37, I just don't think it's gonna happen for me. In fact, I am headed for a "keg" -- LOL

-- Related to the above: Have you ever noticed guys in porn movies (except Ron Jeremy) have rock hard abs? I wonder if all that sex builds abdominal muscles, or if they have to do sit ups and crunches as part of their "jobs"

-- I read somewhere that most porn stars make about $3,000 - $5,000 per movie. The really popular ones make about $10,000. I know plenty of guys who would spend that much just to have sex with a certain porn star. WOnder if there is a new industry that could blossom?

-- Remember blow-up dolls? Well, there is a place on the internet that sells "life-like partners." These things are so real it is scary. you can see them for yourself at www.realdoll.com. I first saw something like this while channel surfing one night. A "dude" on Springer called one of these things "my wife." Can you believe people would spend upwards of $6,000 for a sex doll? Well, based on my previous point.. I guess lots of men would.

And, finally...

Please put in a good word for me I'm full of stress and high blood pressure and looking for some relief...

Until Next Time...

Tab "A" inserts into slot "B"

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