viral interlude  

rm_shadowmatt3 33M
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9/8/2006 3:14 pm
viral interlude

viral interlude

inside us all
these thoughts
are having a ball
inside us now
having a cow
nothing we seem to say
notheing we seem to do
seems to help us out
what oh what to do

and there we are
just another viral interlude
befor the games over
forgeting what makes something else
what did we have to lose

disease and famine
healthy time all around
heavy lifting when your backs hurting
never never realy helps
and theres the viral interludde
screwing with our systems
making us too confused
and theres
and thers
and theres a rreason for us all
to say
to say
to say what we all want

no mater how hard life is to us all
we all forge a new era from this ball
of the energy that we felt inside
ill tell you now that
there nothing to hide
one more day
one more night
are we finished here all right
never knowing
what can be done
can be done

one night
for this time
one more day for us all the time
cant hear
this vacine called life
call your name one letter at a time

never give up hope
thats all we can do now
if there ever was a time for
theres some that we should do now
of my life
this viral interludes
even if the cards are stacked against us
we never lose...

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