trust broken  

rm_shadowmatt3 33M
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9/8/2006 3:12 pm
trust broken

trust broken

dreams shatter in the nioght
my heart races toward the light
if its all right with you
i think ill just leav here
with out you
i cant take this lie any more
ill just have to
settle the score

decreasing your life
by that needle
your eye
and the pain still hates me
because im here for this time
because im here for you
please tell me
what i can do

my trust in you is broken
the sacred oath
we took in
that we would be there for each other
through dreams and nightmares
through the life and the scares
through the good and the bad
ill never be this sad

my trust is broken
my trust we took in
my trust is broken

theses needle marks i found in you
those dark cirlces in your eyes
your pale skin tells me the truth
drugs have gotten you
turn away from thsi abuse
of this i plead from you
and theres always next year
your giving it up all so easily

tell me you need me
tell your best friend every thing
but this pain still fows through me

my trust is broken
my trust is broken
my trust is broken

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