a dark flare emerges, part 3  

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7/8/2006 7:50 pm
a dark flare emerges, part 3

john had been going on about how if certian molecular structers were rearranged based on compisite interactions with radioactive particles at an accelerated rate, that dark flares could be created from anything. mike had fallen to sleep with his green eyes open, a talent hed been perfecting for the last two months while listening to georges rambling about the dream woman hed seen in is dreams. 'that was a mistake that ill remember for as long as im here... speaking of which, i wonder what she meant by "ill be waiting, come find me"?' mikes mind turned some ideas over in his head, sometimes gaining new perspectives on the dream, and other times setting him back a few paces. "MR. AZGERD! would you kindly recite three ways to polarize an unstable atomic mass and apply it to modern biophysics? maybe you could enlighten the class as to why, you, unlike the rest of the class, feel the need not to take notes?" mike snapped back aware of his surroundings as he fumbled for memorys of the subject.

mike thought for a while as the rest of the class looked at him intrested in what he had to say about the matter, including the auburn haired woman infront of him, her blue eyes peircing his as though trying to tell him something. "well.. uh, um, the first uh, way to polarize an unstable atomice mass is to find the weak point in the mass itself, find the problem with it... wich is usualy a reversed atomic number in the sequence and right it so that the section fits nicely with the rest. the second way is to just let the problem correct itself, you know, let nature take its course and let the unstable part corrupt the rest of the mass, there for in theory, nulling the problem right then and there. the third method is the one my parents used befor there experiment misfired..." he was caught between two facts of life as george had known his parents for the longest time and felt for mike. john goony however was not at all in lax with mikes situation.

"today would be nice mr. azgerd, the third way? if you please?" mike was getting shaky as his memory jogged long buried feelings of terror and regret, it happened so long ago that he couldnt remember it, only peices and bit came to him like a unfinished puzzle with the most crucial parts missing. "the third way, john, is to throw yourself at it... there for causing the implosion factor to activate and null the damned thing once and for all. now is youll excuse me i have somewhere else to be at the moment." mike got up from his seat calmly, looking at the woman in front of me idley as he did so. "SIT BACK DOWN IN YOUR SEAT! while you are in my class i am in charge of your education and-" mike had had enough of his pompous attititdude. "with all due respect, mr. goony sir, i think that since this is a university and not a highschool, that you only have control over what you present as material for the class, it is our job to study the material at our own lesure and exit when we feel we need to in emergencys. such as this one, i received a buzz this morning about something going down with my parents that could be life threatening." at this point he was bullshitting the teacher in front of him but john didnt know that. "and i FEEL the need to exit this classroom and check up on the situation at hand. sir." with that he left the classroom, leaving john to his own devices as the class steadily went back to its own devices.

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