A dream of my former friend's mother...  

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6/28/2006 10:41 am

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A dream of my former friend's mother...

A bit after my last dream with my former friend, I had a dream that I saw the mother of my former friend. She had invited me to stay a night. I had arrived late at night. I must entered (I must have had the key or it was open) and I was seeing if someone was there.

Suddenly, I saw my former friend’s mother. She was naked and she had a fly swatter in her hand as a weapon (not a very formidable weapon, but there you have it ). I imagine that she thought I was a thief. When she saw who I was, she stopped. I apologized for arriving late. And so she went to get my room ready I think.

I’ve thought that perhaps I was seeing things from Isaac’s eyes. Although there was something about it all that made me wonder if that was the case or if it was indeed ‘me’, so to speak.

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