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A bit of my life...

When I was 5, my mother told me that I would braid the hair of a girl I liked in school and that each day, she would unbraid it so that I could braid it up again the next day.

When I was 6, a few important things happened. One of which was finding the cousin of 2 neighbour sister girls very attractive in her underwear which she’d turn up to make a type of thong (she was about 4 I think). Also, at about that age, I kissed the 2 neighbour sister girls one day... that ended in me not being able to go over there anymore, because their mother saw me.

From 6 on up to 11, not much happened. I liked girls but I was too shy to tell them basically.

I got typhoid when I was 11 years old and since then I’ve had digestive problems and skin problems (from what I’ve read, I believe the 2 are related). Also when I was 11 years old, I joined my mother in being a sufi muslim. I had problems with my father because of this, culminating when we were vacationing in Mexico and my mother wasn’t around; basically, he wouldn’t let me pray and he didn’t have a high regard for my need to not eat pork... so basically I just decided to “follow the wind” and promptly got lost in a jungle... it was a little episode in my life that my stepmother now uses against me, but I just think it was the pressure at the time. I got over that, but I still feel a connection to the wind. I also think that my totem animal is the eagle and mythic animal is the phoenix...

I liked a girl when I was 16 years old, but it didn’t work out. Basically, I was too afraid to just go out and talk to her. We looked at each other a lot though. She also had a boyfriend half the time, which made things even more complicated. I think all of this made it so that I didn’t do my homework. The other part was that my parents had separated and thinking of getting divorced. First my father stayed in Mexico, then my mother went to mexico to try and reconcile with him (it worked... for another 5 years anyway).

At this point I went through a pretty difficult period in my life. Basically, I was kicked out of high school for not doing my homework... which led to me just being at home, helping out... which led to other things that I might say if I got to know you better.

Time passes until I’m 20 years old. 3 things happened, at different times of the year (the first may have been summer, the second winter). I think the first (summer) was basically that I went to Mexico with my best friend at the time. First we went to Cozumel. I remember liking this girl in a store but being too afraid to talk to her. I spent maybe 15 minutes by the door trying to get the courage to talk to her, but I just couldn’t do it. Later that night me and my friend went to a dance club but I just was too afraid to ask a girl to dance with me. At that point, my friend may have asked me what I’d like to do... all I remember is that we decided to go to a strip club. We asked the taxi that picked us up to take us to one, which he did. When we were there, we found out that the main business there was not the stripper (who was plain bad) but something else. Again, a detail I think best shared in private. Anyway, an educational night.

Later on when I was 20, I liked this girl in Mérida (where I now live) who was about 18. I was going to her house but I couldn’t tell her I liked her. After a bit I began to realize that I liked her sister too. I say like but I thought of it more like love. And besides this, I still loved the girl from when I was 16. Well, I finally said it all to this girl. As you can imagine, she didn’t take it well. I never told the younger sister that I loved her, but she found out anyway.. but she told me that I couldn’t play them against each other. I was never trying to do that. I just loved both of them. I remember telling some friends that I’d like to be with either one of them. But well, that was a long time ago. I only went to Merida on vacations in those days. So time passed, the older sister got married and the younger sister got a boyfriend.

At 21, my parents separated for good. My father went to New York to take a film course and while there met up with a woman who he’d met at about the time that he’d first separated from my mother. For reasons that my mother now attributes to her guru of the time, but I also think had to do with the fact that we had a tendency of colliding at times, she said that I had to go with my father... so I went... first to Mexico. It was in Mexico that I really began to first get to know my stepmother.

Came back to Canada and starting going to college, taking computer programming and later computer networking.

At 22, I met a girl called Kim online. We knew each other for more then a year online and through the phone; never met her in person; this is a story that I’d rather talk about through emails... anyway, eventually things ended badly; let’s just say that she had a drug problem that eventually got me worried enough to do something about it; she was not impressed. I even wrote a little story about her (fictionalized), which I'll share with anyone who emails me and would like to see it.

It was at this point that I decided to not go to college the following semester. It was going badly (I had failed 3 courses and was required to pass all 3 of them next semester in order to continue) and besides, I felt that I could make my own business, doing an online game (starting out with a text based moo). Well, it didn’t work out. It was at about that time that my father decided to move back to Merida. I was 24 at the time.

Well, if you’ve gotten this far, I congratulate you. If you want to know me better, email me and I might tell you what happened between age 24 and now.

And if you want to tell me more about your life through here or by email, by all means .

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