Wishing you were here (or rainy days)  

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10/25/2005 1:57 pm

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Wishing you were here (or rainy days)

Entering the room there she was lying on our bed. It was early Sunday morning a cool, gloomy overcast day a perfect day to stay inside and play.

As I sat on the edge of the bed running my fingers through her long soft hair she smiled slightly as she was almost conscious to my touch. Stroking her hair and tracing her eyebrows and then her eyes with my fingers then softly outlining her soft full lips I bend to kiss them her breathing quickens slightly as I do so. Brushing her hair away from her neck and shoulders I nuzzle my way into them smelling her natural perfume and nibbling on her neck and shoulders as my free hands roam down ward across her chest, cupping then caressing her soft flesh and then pinching softly but firmly her swollen nipples. I begin to trace her upper body with my darting tongue my warm breath and tongue sending tickling sensual sensations of natural electricity to her brain. I softly kiss my way across her upper chest and then circle and trace her areola with my darting tongue. Her back arches slightly as I pull her nipple into my mouth sucking and biting it, I go from breast to the other as her body begins to wiggle and move with my every touch. I lye atop her sucking on her sweet swollen breast as if I were thirsty and these were some magical fountain to quench my first, Her own hands move to cup and offer her breast to me as I continue to drink and slurp them in.

Slowly I pull myself away continuing downward to her soft belly making time to tease and kiss her belly button area and touching her soft skin sliding my hands down past her clean shaven mound until I can touch the beginning of her swollen hood at which I continue my journey down. Nuzzling against her just above her vagina and then teasingly sliding my tongue downward until I come across the protruding hood lapping at it and sucking it in my mouth until I part it slightly with my darting tongue probing her inside as she moves her lips and legs pulling me into her deeper as she rest her hands behind my head pulling me inward to match her thrust. I stop and suck and drink until my face is covered with her wetness her fingers running through my hair pulling me into her as she bumps and raises her hips to meet my tongue.

I roll over pulling her atop me as she sits up now resting her wet juicy cunt on my face. I love it drinking it in as I probe with one then two fingers she continues to hump my face as if she was fucking me. This continues until her pace quickens, her legs begin to squeeze me as she arches her back pulls at my hair and then I feel it the warm fluid oozing in my mouth, she stops moaning softly and rolls off of me with a shit eating grin across her face as she obviously has cum.

I get up on my knees and pull her pillow down and roll her up and across it with her round ass in the air. I first lean down and kiss it then swat it playfully before first probing it open with my fingers feeling her warm wetness and then gently sliding my hard throbbing cock into her slowly at first, shallowly and then in and out almost teasing her with it until I slide it in as deep as I can go. Resting atop her I thrust and grind my hips into her as my thrust quicken fucking her with all I got, spanking her sweet ass with my free hand until saddening I can feel it. It is building deep inside me, she moves her ass in such away as I loose control bringing the animal out of me as I thrust and shove my hot hard cock deep inside her until finally I can control it no longer pushing her against the bed I shoot my hot mess deep inside her, I can feel it hitting the insides of her pussy.

Almost immediately it begins to soften and I begin to relax, grabbing her at the shoulder and turning her as I turnover on my side leaving my cock inside her until it softens and falls out of her honey pot with my fluid running out after it. We have made a mess but neither of us is in a hurry to get up. After all it’s a raining gloomy day a perfect day to play inside and play we do. We both doze off for a little while after this and I awake to her taking me inside her mouth and it begins all over again…who says you can’t have fun on rainy days?

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10/28/2005 5:51 am

Sounds like the perfect day. Stories like this are what keeps cumming back for more.

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11/14/2005 5:09 pm


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