There must be a God  

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9/28/2005 3:30 pm

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There must be a God

and he invented low-rise jeans. I went to Venice Beach yesterday on business and was awe struck by how many women were wearing them and how sexy it made them look. Now I’m not talking about just model types I’m talking about regular women and boy did they look awesome? The way the material seem to hug every curve and the tempting almost illicit way the front was so dangerously low (almost thought I saw a couple wiry little pubic hairs wave as they walked by) and I think it made the oh so inviting camel toes appear that much more. The back oh what can I say coming from an admitted ass man it may seem almost bias but ladies what it seems to do for your ass I was afraid several times that my third leg would knock over the table where I was meeting at. It seemed in most cases that the jeans themselves were airbrushed on, with the seam in the back being the runway directing me to the perfect landing (or would that be entry?). Ladies if you don’t already have a pair it is worth the investment, if your man doesn't say something after seeing you in them then he is certifiable dead and no mater how much Viagra you give him would help his condition so move on.

Now remember ladies Brazilian low rise jeans don’t be fooled by the imitators out there, I found out from one woman that it the material that makes all the difference higher levels of cotton in them make them more of a perfect fit and it only helps accent what God already gave you! Remember sometimes it’s all in the packaging.

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