Some things get better with age  

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11/16/2005 1:56 pm

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Some things get better with age

I have been fortunate enough to spend the better part of this last week with an extraordinary woman.

Spending a lot of time at Venice Beach here in Southern California affords me a lot of opportunities to meet beautiful women. Recently it was on one such occasion that I had the opportunity to assist a woman with directions to the Santa Monica Pier. She was older than me but she had this certain happiness about her and she sort of lit up when we spoke. Not wanting to waste time I offered to walk to the pier with her. As we walked the many different types of vendors, weirdos and the like along the way took her. I loved her laugh from the first time I heard it as she laughed at a roller skating guitar player.

Tall and dark haired with piercing blue eyes she was half African American and Puerto Rican. She went on to tell me she had been married twice the first when she was in her late teen and had two daughters by divorced and then last year losing her second husband an older man who had left her well off. She was in Los Angeles to see one of her daughters who was a doctor at a local hospital.

After reaching the pier she told me she was there to meet her daughter and her husband and politely excused herself but not before asking me what I was doing the next day. We exchanged phone numbers and I truly didn’t expect to hear from her again.

Working for myself my time is my own, I mean I work but I have a very flexible schedule. I was leaving the gym when she called and asked me what I was doing for the day. I asked her if she would want to go to Santa Barbara for the day and that I would pick her up if she were interested. We made arrangements to meet and I went home, showered and dressed and was on my way down the PCH. I live about 35 miles from where she was staying in Santa Monica. When I got there she was waiting outside in a white pants and matching top with a sun hat. She looked gorgeous. We went up the back way on the PCH until we got to Camarillo and then we hopped on the 101 North this gave us plenty of time to talk. I found out she was almost ten years older than me and had not been with a man since losing her husband she also told me that since there was a signification difference in age she had not really enjoyed sex in sometime. I was amazed at her openness but really enjoyed the conversation and believe it or not I wasn’t really thinking anything was going to come of all this I just was enjoying her company.

When we got to Santa Barbara we grabbed lunch at a Mexican Restaurant by the beach and it was pretty much empty being past normally lunch hour we had the place to ourselves for the most part. She was getting more comfortable with me sitting close to me in the booth even wrapping her arm around one of mine. Afterwards I took her to a small winery a friend of mine owns on State Street and had enjoyed a wine tasting. She liked a couple so I picked her up a bottle of each as a gift to take home with her (she was here from Pittsburgh).

On the drive down she said she felt sleepy and asked if it would be alright if she nodded off, to my surprise she did so against my shoulder and at one point had her hands in my lap as she curled up on the seat. Again I cut through Camarillo and took the PCH down to Santa Monica and as I made my way up the grade she started to move a little and I woke her up. She squeezed my thigh as she woke up sitting up again and the closer we got to her hotel she asked if I would come up for a few minutes. Not being stupid I said I would be glad to.
When we got to her room the sun was just beginning to set and it looked beautiful from her window. We could see out across the ocean and from Malibu to Venice Beach. As I stood there she came up from behind me and wrapped her arms around me and nuzzled up against me telling me she had a wonderful time and would I at least stay for a drink.

Not only did I stay for a drink but also we spent the next ten days shuttling back in forth to my house in Westlake Village and the hotel. She did spend some time with her daughter and this gave me time to get caught up on work and sleep. Making love to her was fantastic, sure she wasn’t a tight young thing but she had soft curves in all the right places and we enjoyed each other’s company a lot. I also found that she really had a little bit of a kinky side, she loved to give me head as we drove up the freeway and she liked to be spanked when we were making love I also found that she loved to take showers together which led to some very wet play especially oral.

I took her to the airport this morning, she sucked me off on the way and we purposely parked in a dark corner of the covered parking at LAX so we could have quickie. We held hands as we walked to her gate I was actually sad to see he go and I know I will try and reach her later by phone to just hear her voice. It was a whirlwind affair and I feel like I did when I was in my early twenties. I now have newfound respect and admiration of older mature woman!

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11/17/2005 2:34 am

hi iam new to this site . but i have been reading your story, of this lady you was with while she was. on holidays .... i wish i had a man as good and kind as you are.i live in canada and men here are so gay , and don;t won;t a real woman. i m very open and like to enjoy life i was married for 27 years . and had 7 children and now i have 8 grandchildren , all my children are married .im 47 and was marred at 17 for me and my late husband , he died in 2002 , i have not had sexual relations since 2001 , its along time .. if you would like to talk with me my e-MAIL IS AT AdultFriendFinder .... i really did enjoy your story take care jennie

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11/25/2005 7:25 pm

G - you have the most amazing adventures. i am sure she left with a renewed and energized spirit, something you can only get from a man (or woman) who can make a TRUE connection beyond sex! i love it - you give me hope!

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6/21/2006 1:45 am

hi ..if you ahve time and wants to know me better,, just write me here,, its my first time and still a virrgin, willing to learn and i love to learn fromhere

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