Sexy colors  

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7/25/2005 1:58 pm

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Sexy colors

I don’t how important this is to you but I have found certain colors to be very attractive.

For instances I love white. On soft skin white is always sexy. White thongs, white lace, white stockings, white garter, white bra, white jeans, and white bikini, white is definitely a hot sexy color.

Black is good too and so is red. I remember a date with a young Filipino girl who wore a black short skirt and red panties. As we finished the movies we went for a drink and she kept teasing me under the table. When I couldn’t take it anymore we left and on the way home she brought her knees up and feat on the seat. Her skirt fell downward exposing her beautiful legs and that red pair of panties. I can almost see them now. With the sunroof open her hair blowing in the wind and that skirt kept seducing me flashing me. I pulled off by Pepperdine and we got out of the car. We started going for each other almost immediately. Kissing at first while my hand went up her skirt pulling her panties up deep inside her wet cunt as I rubbed her tight ass. She unzipped my pants pulling out my hard cock and I slid it in her wet warm hole fucking her atop my car. Her legs grabbed me pulling me into her deeper her feet locked behind my back as I pounded her with my excitement. As we finished we both smiled as we looked over to a car that must have been sitting there the whole time watching us. We adjusted our clothes and got into the car and were on our way.

Colors can do a lot for a sexy confident woman…

What’s your favorite color?

choclitpussy 51F

7/27/2005 8:58 pm

speaking strictly for myself (someone who drops a nice little chunk of change in victoria's secret twice a year at their sales where i stock up on matching bras and panties), i would say that my favorite for myself is called neutral. it's kind of a beige/light brown color. i like it the best. i also like white, eggshell and i have a peach set that goes well with my skin tone. black works well too. i'm not big on red. i don't now why, but i don't care for it on me. on a man, i love grey or black. and white works well too. especially those long fitted boxer briefs. yummy!!!!!

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