Life is like a piece of chocolate  

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9/30/2005 2:56 pm

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Life is like a piece of chocolate

It was November 10th 1981 in Honolulu, Hawaii and I had attended the Marine Corps ball (dance stupid not an orgy), I was in my dress blues and was walking to my room at the Arm Forces Hotel at Ft. De Rusey. In the lobby on the way to the elevator I saw a beautiful exotic looking woman in a white sun dress with lace trim and the material was translucent enough I could see her panties underneath. She had longer hair just past her shoulders and very full lips. We both got into the elevator at the same time and on the way up she made small talk asked me if I was at the ball and she said she was down here from some friends who were also attending but she was calling a evening. I can understand why as the balls were nothing more than a big hoorah session for the marines and their dates usually felt left out.

Anyway as we reached my floor she asked if she could come in my room for a while to talk (it was at this time I think I realized she didn’t press a floor on the elevator). When I opened my room I asked if I could change from my blues into some jeans and she said sure that she would sit down and turn the television on. I went to the bathroom and began to get out of my uniform, changed into a pair of jeans and just kept my t-shirt on and when I came into the room there she was lying on the bed with her dress off obviously and under the sheets…”I hope you don’t mind if I got comfortable too” she said. Well to be honest I didn’t really know what to say but I asked if she wanted something brought up from the bar and placed an order and sat down in one of the room chairs waiting on room service to arrive. My window looked out over Waikiki and the currents were wide open. After answering the door and getting the drinks she stood up and looked out the window and as I handed her drink she turned looking into my eyes and I at her huge breast especially her dark areolas she had more of a honey colored skin than a dark brown and the soft color of her canary yellow panties just made her look so innocent. She sat atop the chair facing towards me and asked me if she made me nervous then she said, “have you ever eaten a black woman out before”? I had to say no in part because it was the truth the only black woman I had went out with in High School wouldn’t let me eat her she said it was nasty. “Would you eat me out” she said and of course I wasted no time dropping to my knees and doing so. I began by massaging and caressing her feet and legs her skin was so soft and smooth and as I got closer to her panties she was wet and I loved the scent of her honey. Leaving her panties on at first I began to suck and nibble at her pussy through the material she loved it I could tell. Soon I was probing her with one then two fingers and kissing and sucking on her swollen clit. She pushed me away pulling her panties down and then let me go back to work. Soon I had pussy juice all over my face and I was still dressed. I stood up to start taking my clothes off and she got up from the chair and stood next to me unzipping my jeans and freeing my hard throbbing monster taking him in her hands. She had those long fake nails with bright red nail polish and just watching her hold and stroke my cock was a turn on. As soon as I had all my clothes off she pushed me back on to the bed and began sucking my cock like there was no tomorrow. Watching her face and her mouth go down on me was an incredible turn on several times I had to stop her so I could kiss her fully on her lips (she had the best pouty lips I had ever seen, remember this is before Angelene).

After a while she got up and turn that beautiful ass around and I got up sat down on the chair and pulled her down atop my cock. Watching her ass slide up and down on it as I played and spanked her ass was a great turn on. We continued to fuck like this for awhile until I lay there out of breath and out of cum. She said she wanted to get cleaned up and step into the shower as I laid there half asleep when she finished she step out of the bathroom completely dressed gave me a peck on the cheek and said thanks and left.
In the morning as I was waiting to check out I watched a first Sergeant come out of the elevator with his bags and this same woman, obviously his wife. She smiled slyly at me as I continued to wait without saying a word. I was just a sergeant I knew not to say anything cause I had so much to lose.

I got to say this was just the first over the years of many fine black woman they seem so confident and sure of themselves and boy do I love eating them (it is my favorite piece of chocolate)!


10/1/2005 9:05 pm


speaking strictly for myself i just have to put this out there. i have to say that i really like and admire the fact that you're not afraid of us. i admire the fact that you're not afraid to admit that you find us attractive, alluring, and all those other things that make other women pretty. it's nice to know that you like us within our own right. then again, it may just be because the majority of us are definitely "bootylicious", and for an admitted ass man, i'd think that would be

thanks for sharing. oh, and for being an equal opportunity lover.

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10/2/2005 12:35 pm

Miss Choclitpussy took the words out of my mouth...

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10/3/2005 8:25 pm

Ladies you need to know if may not be as physical as it seems, it has been my experience that black women are confident and I quite frankly find this very attractive and you both no I wish we were closer.

thanks for the feedback and thanks for being you...


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