Do you like lollipops?  

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9/29/2005 10:06 am

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Do you like lollipops?

Being a man makes my opinion a little more than bias but I love to have my dick sucked. I have noticed since when I started shaving for swim meets and triathlons that I only love it more as I think the combination of the sensitivity from shaving and oral sex makes for an explosive time.

I really like it if the giver takes their time almost savoring it like a lollipop or Popsicle slowly teasing it’s head with their warm wet little tongue. Circling it as the first droplets of my sticky pre cum ooze from its head. Then tracing it’s length with their tongue from its head to the base and then kissing it and slurping at the sides until they kind of pop it in and out of their mouths until finally they let it slide inside exploring their mouth riding along their tongue the feeling intensifies as they begin to use a combination of suction and warm air to stimulate it more. I can feel myself throbbing trying to restrain myself from just pumping their mouths like a good tight pussy. Watching their eyes and expressions on their faces as they increase the rhythm of the motion their hair cascading and brushing against my groin and inner thighs sending little electric stimulus oh this feels so fucking good! Restraining myself as I can feel the cum building inside me throbbing at it’s base wanting to hold back as long as I can stand it enjoying this simple action not wanting it to end. The pressure becomes too much my eyes begin to roll back in my head I can feel myself tense up as I grab their head almost forcing it down on my swollen shaft wanting to shoot my hot mess deep inside them. Sometimes though they want me to pull it out so they can watch it explode and convulse into the air sending its hot mess down along my cock as they continue to ply with it running their n=hands up and down its length driving me crazy at my most sensitive time.

What is it about a head job? Why is it something we like so much? Is it that it isn’t something given so freely that you almost have to beg for that make s it that much more intense? Do the oral givers really enjoy what they are doing or is it done reluctantly just to please us? Can someone, anyone explain it from that side of it, I obviously know what it feels like to get it but what does it feel like to give it? Do woman feel differently about it than men? Or is it possible that men knowing how it feels might be better at much like a woman eating another woman out is more caring and sensitive to her needs? Can someone explain this for me?

In the meantime I will continue to enjoy receiving a good blow job anytime and will continue to investigate the reasons why it feels soooooooooo good by the way if anyone in the Southern California area would like to start a research group on the subject I would like to be a participant (an a active one at that).

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