Did I eat the worm  

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8/20/2005 1:10 pm

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Did I eat the worm

Laying in bed half awake it was one hell of a night and now it was morning, Saturday morning. I must be still be have asleep as I feel the soft silkiness of a woman’s hair teasingly brush against my inner thighs I can smell perfume too. I feel a tingling sensation in my groin; it must be nothing but another morning hard on. Wiping the sleep from my eyes I then realized it wasn’t a dream there she was caressing my legs and teasing my groin with her soft kisses as my shaft began to rise to attention. She slowly took it’s head in and out of her warm wet mouth making slurping sounds and soft moans, damn I wish I could remember who she was.

Last night we went to the Canyon Club and some drinks and watched Poco, I guess I got a little drunk, I don’t even remember driving home.

She was gorging herself on my cock and I was pulling her into me deeper with my hands on the back of her head. She had long dark hair and beautiful tanned skin…she was also noticeable younger than me.

As she buried herself deeper into my groin my legs lifted bent at the knees on either side of her head as I began fucking her mouth she knew what she was doing and this was a great way to wake up too.

Stopping she took my cock out of her mouth and licked its head and kissed my shaft looking up into my eyes. They were brown almost black and beautiful. Teasingly she traced my torso upward with her soft kisses and then stopped at my chest sucking on my nipples and then working her way up to my mouth parting my lips with her tongue she took me deep into her. Bringing her body up and sliding up on her knees she leaned into me as she continued to kiss me taking one of her hands grabbing my hard throbbing cock and began rubbing it against the outside of her clit until it too was wet and slippery and then sitting up she slid it in as she looked me in the eyes with a sly but nasty look on her face. She started riding me slowly at first running her hands up and through her hair then down across her chest cupping her small breast and squeezing them slightly, pinching her nipples as her hips bucked and grind against the base of my cock. She took my hands and put them behind her on her big round ass and began pumping me for all she was worth fuck she was good…I still could remember her name or even where I met her. If I had to guess she was about 26 or so, Latino mixed and she was freaky doing her thing as a pro would do it.

She began to tighten up and I knew she was close she had that look on her face, it was intense and obvious to everything else she was going to cum. As she did she slowly slid down against my chest and just hugged me.

Now it was my turn I rolled her over and put two of my pillows under her belly pushing that brown ass up into the air. I caressed it first then probe her from behind with my fingers she was wet and I couldn’t resist I had to drink some of her honey. I slid my tongue in from behind as I kneaded her soft round ass and then stopping I straddle her resting my cock atop her crack and then rocking back n forth until it slid slowing inside her wet pussy. I love this with any woman to slide my cock inside her as I worship and play with their ass. It sucks me in deeper as my thrust are met with the cushion of it against the base of my cock as my balls slap up against her clit she begins to move and wiggle her fine ass as I pump harder and harder. Oh my god I can feel it fucking building inside me I was going to explode. I thrust into until I could feel it coming and then pulled it and shot across her back shooting my hot wad all over her and then collapsing and rolling off.

I must of fell back to sleep and as I get up now it’s almost noon. Walking to the bathroom I don’t see her finishing I walk into the living room and look around the house but no sign of her. Before I stepped into the shower I call one of my friends from last night to ask him what had happened. All I got was his answering machine. Walking back into the bedroom there at the foot of my bed on the floor was a white lace bra bending down to pick it up I looked for any other sign that I hadn’t just imagined the whole thing but there was nothing. Looking outside there was my car in the driveway and no other car either next to it or no the street.

As I stepped into the bathroom looking into the mirror and I turned the shower on before getting in all I could remember was the shots of tequila from last night.

Damn tequila, it did it again, left me cloudy and foggy about what had happened. Better make that shower a cold one fuck it is noon already I got to get going…

slickkitty67 51F

8/21/2005 7:00 am

mmmmm...... DAMN!

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