Anatomy 101  

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9/20/2005 6:00 pm

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Anatomy 101

Let’s be honest about the female anatomy and it’s different parts and their uses. I know a lot of you are breast men (and I am too when it comes to chicken) and they are nice to look at and they have a useful purpose in breast-feeding too. If you ask most women though they are useless in athletics (unless you’re a cheerleader) and can be a problem when trying on clothes.

Now I’m going to jump a head to my favorite body part (not counting nice eyes and full lips) it’s the buttocks. I mean think about it … doesn't it help you everyday both man and woman? You use it all the time. When you use the restroom, when you sit down, when you put clothes on. Yes not all of us have a butt (or enough). I remember fondly in the locker room at Patterson Co-op that the brothers always asked me “how you keep your pants up? My man aint got no ass”!

But think about how important this part of your (or her) body is. You need it to walk, dance, run, ride a bike etc.

Now lets think about fashion a woman with a nice ass looks hot in shorts, skirt and pants as well as swimsuit.

But lets cut to the chase there is nothing finer than the soft curves of a nice ass. Don’t you like caressing and rubbing it almost like a crystal ball. If it is really hot don’t you just love swatting at it or spanking it fondly? I personally love to grab a handful or pinch it.

When it comes (cums) to sex though nothing is hotter than coming up from behind a nice well rounded ass like a soft round peach and sliding in between it’s mounds (cheeks) and slipping the head of your swollen cock inside it. As you thrust your shaft in and out of it grabbing your partner at the hips watching as they buck and arch their backs anticipating your thrust isn’t this almost like a super magnet sucking you in closer and deeper. It makes me weak just thinking about it.

Now ask your self do you love a nice butt or what? Unless there fake tits will only sag as they get older but a butt will only get better, think about it they work it out everyday. Yes if a man can have a nice ass too so woman and men who love them enjoy there assess too.

Signed an addicted ass worshiper.

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