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10/23/2005 10:41 am

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Last night

I think we were in a club somewhere... and you had this little skirt on with my favorite thong on... how did I know, because I laid it out for you earlier that day while you were at work, tonight was a surprise a complete surprise and I was going to make sure you enjoyed every minute... we were at the club and the music was bumping, we were acting like we were kid again, all the latest dance moves, grinding and gyrating, pulling you into my dick which is now growing harder and harder pulling you by your hips into me and driving you crazy because you could fell me growing your pussy in the process was getting wet... I was kissing you right there dead in the middle of the dance floor... my hands massaging your breast I didn’t care who was there who was watching, I knew I wanted you but I had to contain myself, I felt my hands rubbing and pulling your skirt up wanting and trying to touch your wetness... wanting to slide my fingers over the lips of your pussy and sneak a taste, so I did now it was time to leave, it was time for the second part of your surprise... so I grabbed and we ran out of the club to a cab...
I took out the blindfold and you were tripping at first but gave in eventually...
we rode and rode for like thirty minutes I placed your hand on my dick, little did you know I had unzipped my pants and pulled it out, I had prearranged this with the cab driver so he knew not to look in the back... you started to stroke it, and I slide your thong over and your juicy lips were waiting on me and I ran my fingers over it, I then put two fingers deep inside of you then put those fingers in your mouth, then placed on your clit where I massaged it between my index and pointer finger then rubbed it after I licked my fingers then placed them back inside of you, I didn’t want either of us to cum just yet, so I put the brakes on everything kissed you and told you to wait...we were almost there...
the truth is we had been riding in circles the whole time, again I owed the cab driver my life because he did everything I asked him to do we got out of the cab you still wearing the blindfold, and we walked up some stairs I was guiding your every step, you almost fell a couple of times, but we were kind of tipsy, we finally made it to the elevator, and once more we were at it again. I turn you around and slide down and came back up my hands pulling your skirt up just enough for you to feel my hardness on your ass, and just then we reached our destination we were at the top of this old warehouse in the middle of downtown, and it had to be the most beautiful night sky I had ever seen in my life the stars looked as if they were sitting front row of their favorite movie, and the moon had pulled up his shades so he could see just what I had in mind for you
well once we got there I took the blind fold off, and there on the roof lay a beautiful picnic futon with comforter rose pedals all over the futon and comforter
floating candles lined up spelling your name in beautiful orb vases filled with different color water several candles placed randomly about the roof mood lighting for the perfect night... laid you down on the futon, and began to feed you strawberries that had been dipped in a chocolate liquor and frozen, they were perfectly thawed out by now and the liquor was starting to melt off of them just then the drips were falling all over your body, on purpose of course, and I let them find there way on your thighs, and your titties
and I followed them up by licking them slowly my tongue caressed your body gliding up and down your smooth skin moving across your body like a flower dancing in the wind
Your nipples now supple and standing up I expose them to the night, and place them gently into my mouth sucking and licking while my hands run up and down your body. The night air dances across your skin, it’s soft and feels like satin under my hands. My lips begin to make love to every inch of your body, the kisses gentle, soft, and wet kiss the places you only dreamed could be kissed, the places you have longed for someone to touch. I gently kiss down your stomach my teeth brushing across your soft skin, my tongue running laps around your belly button; some of the juice from the strawberry has found its way there. I suck it up and look into your eyes, just to let you know I am going there, where you have wanted me to for sometime now. My tongue brushes across my favorite thong, teasing your clit and you’re soaking wet pussy; I can smell and feel your wetness. With my teeth I take the thong off. Sliding it down your thighs kissing them gently as I go down to your ankles and over your feet, gently kissing your toes and making my way back up your thigh. As I make way back up to your soaking wet pussy my mouth begins to water thinking of the warm juices going down my throat. I kiss gently around your pussy’s lips then the clit. I take it in my mouth, between my lips and teeth, gently nibbling, while my tongue flicks it, then sucking, and then pulling, the whole time my fingers are deep inside of you playing with your g-spot. Then I switch my tongue is now deep inside of you while my fingers play with your clit. I am not going to stop until you cum in my mouth over and over and over again. Just then a cool breeze seems to come from now where and blows some of the candles out, it sends chills down your body, I can feel them, and you cum so hard as I lick and suck up all of your juices. I stand slowly and grab your hand pulling you onto your feet, you begin to undress me, taking my t-shirt off, unzipping my pants, I slide them off and your take your hand and grab “your” dick, which is so hard it could break. I turn you around forcefully and push your upper body forward, startled you fight it at first but then you relax. I move you closer to the rail so you can have something to hold onto because tonight, I am taking no prisoners, I want you to have it the way you have whispered in your dreams that you have always wanted. I slide the head gently, pull it out and slap it against your clit. This time I give you the whole thing with one strong forceful thrust. You jump and moan and are not sure how to respond but the truth is you love it. I reach around, while grinding my dick deep into you, to massage your clit, just then your legs get weak, I believe the night air, the drinks, the anticipation has you weak and you are ready to cum again. I can now feel your juices dripping down my balls and my legs. I reach around to your clit and massage it some more, with your juices on my finger I put them in your mouth. In and out, in and out slow, then faster, my hands take your hips as I drive my dick deep inside of you, wanting you to feel it in your stomach. You begin to fuck me back, throwing your ass into me, your pussy slapping my balls, the sound of your dripping wet couching and my dick are driving me crazy and turning me on. You telling me how much you want it, need it, and want it harder and faster, more, more, more you beg and I give it to, and then I can feel my dick starting to throb, fighting the feeling I stroke it a couple of more times until I just cant go anymore, I pull my dick out and spin your around and you take it in your mouth. Sucking licking the head and I explode, cum sliding out of your mouth, down your chin, your tongue licking your lips, I beg you to keep sucking and you do pulling with everything you got. Both exhausted we lay down on the futon, you on top of me, your head in my chest, and we fall asleep.

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11/18/2005 10:53 pm

Hi, welcome to blog!

Are you aware there is a new group created for bloggers and their readership to meet and frolic in the chat room? (A place for serious discussion as well)

A group where interesting blog posts will be “spot-lighted” along with the links of how to get there. A place where new kids on the block can actually get seen as well as the predominant “hierarchy”.

A place where ideas can flow--from suggested blog topics, to writing "critiques", to directions on how to better use the elements of color, photos, and font style/size to make your blog more eye appealing; as well as instructions on how to better use linking to other posts.

Being that this is an adult site, we will also have a group post running where writers and their followers can indicate where they're from so maybe you might actually be able to meet some folk "local" to you.

Flirtatious banter is encouraged--crude obscene assaults will not be tolerated and are subject to deletion.

So...Stop in and have a little fun over your cup o' joe!

Here is a link to the group Blog Cafe, look forward to meeting you there!

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