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2/17/2006 9:59 pm

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I feel as though I was looking through a mirror...gazing painfully what my lfe has been for the past few years.

Different kaleidoscopes of gray and earth colors filled my eyes. Each day I was on the road to start each day with a little hope, that I could survive and live each day at a time.

Problems in different packages and sizes were on my tiny frail shoulders. Problems at work were serious stuff to me. They sometimes drive me insane and dead tired coping at them .

Well, we have all those problems you might be telling me, but let me ask you ...what are you going to do if you wanted to stand up for what you believe in and the whole world thinks its stupidity?

What will you do if can no longer close your eyes to the truth that the system you belong to has been long decaying because of corruption, abuse of power , injustice and arrogance?

What will you do if you were a leader of workers who were raging mad because all because of a boss who is either heartless and unhumane?

How will you pacify these people if you yourself cannot cool down? How will you defend these poor workers from social injustice? How will you stand for your individual rights when all those in power only mocks and laugh at you ? How will you make you move for a disorganized group who thinks you are young and incapable? How will you make a move in system where the poor and ordinary workers were treated like slaves?

Uncompensated, maligned, underpaid, and most of all abused. All of these were my burdens as a worker who works hard..beyond the what is expected of me..who works in good faith and utmost sincerity, but I was bleeding for all of us who suffer under an administration who is cruel and heartless.

I am the leader of an organization of educators who were raging like fire but helpless because higher ups dont listen to our pleas. The whole week was total truce agaisnt our administration and us because we can no longer the oppressions and injustice. Patience have run out...anger and rage spread like wild fire and we stood up agaisnt a strong and powerful people.

I am willing to give up my career just to fight for what is right and what s just. I will lead this people and we will fight our way to justice.

The road ahead is rough and dark but I am not afraid. I wanted to leave something good to my co workers and that is to liberate them from the abusive adminstrator.

It wont be very long that will be leaving for USA, it may be next year or next June , I dont know but before I will leave them I will teach them on how to stand and fight for they believe in.

Let there be fire in their hearts and let them let go of their meekness and fears. I am raging with anger right now...sometimes life could really be unfair...I feel as though everything..in all aspect of life ..nothing is really ok.

I have courage but I am hurting and tired. They dont know that I have my won personal battles too. They dont know that each night Ive been coming home when I fall down and no one will lift me up and cure my wounds.

Yes, I am a warrior ...I have no one..I am alone but I have my courage and dignity burning inside my heart.
The warrior who is being ruled by the fire n her heart and the strong spirit behind her gentle face.

Love..Faith ..and Hope..

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