My Own Woman  

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2/17/2006 10:44 pm

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My Own Woman

I just received an email from the consulting agency right after Ihave finished doing the blog awhile ago. They are informing of the next interview on the 13th of the next month. Human Resource Director at ISD GArland Texas will be coming to hire people. No calls yet from the first interview job order yet so I guess I have to grab this another opportunity. Why am I leaving? I am leaving because I wanted to changed my life and to provide a very good future for my kids. I have a lot of reasons. I am not happy with my work here. My faith and trust to the system that I worked with has collapsed when I smelled the foul stenching smell of corruption and oppression. I cannot go on working in a place where the cause of education and idealism is being mocked at by the same people who lead us. And most of all I wanted to leave because I was fighting for my own freedom from a heartless marriage. A marriage that was long gone and dead. Its about time that I should be moving on to the path of my own liberation. Liberation from the dark past and the heavy chains of my misery now. I am my own woman who struggles and fight each hurdles for my children. I am my own woman who will stand for something that I believe in. I hate any form of oppression and abuse thats why in all aspect of my life I have this sensitivity of the spirit. I may be hurting, pained and tired with my struggles but I will keep my pace and hold my head up high for I am proud to be my own woman. I dont know where fate or destiny will lead me. I dont know if God is giving me a man who will love me but I am still keeping my pace for I have kids to think of and dreams to keep me going. Maybe God is delaying the job order from the USA because he wanted to me settle something important here before I will go there. I dont know I just have to trust on His great will and never be afraid.

Love..Faith ..and Hope..

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