I'm Baccckkk .... evil grin  

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9/11/2006 9:45 pm

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I'm Baccckkk .... evil grin

OK, I put this account on hold for a few months and signed up for one of the 'traditional' dating sites but I'm backkkk. One thing that I found interesting was to see some of the same guys on that site were also on this site. I don't know about the women because I wasn't looking. But after a few months I didn't find anything special there -- in fact it was a bit boring -- everyone seemed to have a facade about them. Note, I'm not saying people here don't put on a facade -- it just seems like I will have more of an opportunity to speak honestly without holding back.

So when I decided to re-activate my account here I wanted to make sure I was open, up-front, and honest that I want 'sex' but I don't want casual sex. I want a 'boyfriend' whatever that means today now that we're over the age of 30 and out of high-school and tired of playing games. So anyway, this one line in my profile has seemed to hit a cord with many men. In fact one told me I should go to church to find a 'boyfriend' -- hmm -- I didn't say I wanted a 'husband'. But the point is I want to find someone I can build a connection with -- someone who will appreciate me and all my quirks!

So I hope this time I have better luck on this site.

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