Pre- Meeting Conference  

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8/12/2006 1:19 pm

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Pre- Meeting Conference

I work for a mid-sized construction firm. We have our own in-house legal department which is run by a very sexy single lawyer. He and I have always had a good working relationship with a lot of repressed sexual energy between the two of us. One afternoon about a year ago we were both scheduled to appear in a company meeting. Not having had good sex in a long while I decided to have a "pre-meeting conference" as a good way to get my satisfaction.

I went into his office, locked the door and put my files down on the floor. He must have known I was up to no good because he slid his chair back from his desk just far enough for me to straddle him. As I kissed his neck in silence he unbuttoned my shirt and began licking my nipples. I was already wet before even entering the office and this of course only made it worse! I slid down his 6'2" body and opened his pants to reveal a perfect sized very hard cock.

As I sucked him off he came in my mouth with such force it only turned me on more. He picked me up and put me on his desk where he proceeded to lick, suck and tease my clit till I came like I have never before. He then slid into me for another 30 minutes of intense pleasure. As he slid himself in and out of me he sucked and bit my neck and nipples. When I felt him cum inside me I had yet another intense orgasm. This began a very productive work relationship between the two of us. We now have our own "conferences" at least twice a week in any available room. Nobody has ever suspected our little trysts to this day. I have never had better sex in my entire life.

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