Insertion Night-Part Two  

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9/6/2006 8:50 pm

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Insertion Night-Part Two

Now, where was I? Oh yes, writing about my freak. For the prelude to this story, please read Insertion Night.

We left the bar where he had just beaten me in a game of pool. We had made a friendly wager that whoever won got to do with the other whatever they wanted to. Hell, we always did that anyhow, so we were both winners on this bet. We got to my apartment and I went in to take a quick shower. Doug joined me a few minutes later.

He took the shampoo bottle from my hand and poured some into his hand. Slowly he lathered my hair and began massaging it into my scalp. I leaned back against his chest as his hands moved to my shoulders and then to my breasts. Giving them a gentle squeeze, I could feel his cock hardening against the top of my ass cheeks. His fingers running over my nipples, pinching and pulling at them. I started gyrating my ass back against him. He moved me under the flow of water then and let it rinse the soap from my hair. His lips went to my shoulders, tracing along the bone to my neck and then over to the other shoulder. Goosebumps broke out over my entire body as I began breathing harder. Feeling his lips and tongue slowly snake to my nipples, standing firm, awaiting his touch again.

As much as I love getting fucked under a stream of water, this was a small shower and there just wasn’t room for us to get freaky. We stepped out and we dried each other, making sure to let the rubbing linger just a bit longer on those special areas. I grabbed ahold of his rock solid cock and led him to my bedroom. We began kissing again, our lips open wide and tongues pressed against each others. Slowly, I stroked my tightened hand up and down the length of him. A drop of precum formed at the tip and I bent down to flick it off with my tongue.

He lunged his hips forward and forced me to take his hardness deep into my mouth. I relaxed my gag reflex by breathing deeply through my mouth and felt him slide down easily. Flexing those muscles, I began massaging his cock as I slid my mouth up and down. I moved with him to my bed, where I sat on the edge and really began sucking his tool. My hands moving to his ass, squeezing it, setting the rhythm of this mouth fucking. In and out, alternating between sucking him and letting my throat muscles pull at him. He grabbed a handful of my wet hair and pulled hard, which made my clit spasm with need.

I let go of one of his cheeks and brought my hand between my legs. Opening my lips and stroking the outer edges as I continued to work my tongue and lips around him. I flicked at my clit with my middle finger, finding it hard like a little pebble. Circling it softly and then tapping against it. Rubbing across it faster and harder, keeping time with the motion of my mouth on his cock. I need him in me but I need to taste him too. What to do? I remove my mouth from him and he gasps. I climb onto the bed but position myself so that my head is hanging from the edge. I spread my legs open wide and place my hand there, one finger moving in and out of my hole and my thumb pressed against my clit.

He leans over me, his cock dangling on my face. He wiggles his hips, sending it from my cheek to my eyes to my chin. I open my lips, ready for him to resume the face fucking he was giving me. Slowly he lowers it into my waiting wet mouth. Inch by inch he presses it deeper. My lips closing around him and sucking him deeper. It slides down so easily in this position. He tells me he swears he can see the head of his cock making it look like I have an Adam’s apple. My tongue begins swirling around him. He moans and pushes deeper as he leans closer, his face inches from my hot pussy. He runs his hands over my thighs. He extends his tongue and traces where my belly meets my pubes. I arch up trying to capture him between my legs but he holds me down with his powerful hands.

I hear him mutter…oh fuck this…and he buries his face in me. His lips wrap around my clit, his tongue licking on it, pulling, sucking. I open myself completely to him and he dives right in. I’m humping against his face while trying to force every inch of his hard cock down my throat. We’re moaning, groaning, twisting, writhing, moving together. I feel him tense as a scream escapes his throat. I am rewarded with a load of jizz flowing from him, scalding hot as it oozes over my tongue, some escaping from my lips, so much I can’t drink it down fast enough.

He collapses on me, his face still between my legs. He slows his rhythm, soft licks, no sucking. His fingers tracing over my thighs and knees and back to my hips. Catching his breath as I run my fingers through his hair. He rolls to his side and looks up at me. He has the silliest smirk I’ve ever seen on his face. He asks me if I want to get fucked tonight and of course I answer HELL YES! He says that I shouldn’t have made him cum then, still with a smirk. I reply that I’m sure he can think of something. He gets up from the bed and makes his way to the living room and returns shortly with a shiny black statue. It’s about 12 inches high and HUGE around. It’s kind of a bust of a man and woman, intertwined. The woman’s head is about three inches lower then the man’s. He had included this on the tray of items from our first insertion night but we didn’t get to use it.

He smiles as he comes back to the bed, saying that he thought of something. I move up onto the bed, reclining back on my pillows as he climbs between my legs. He runs the tip of the statue up the inside of my leg. It’s coolness feels so good against my hot body. As he brings it closer to my pussy, I realize just how big around it is and tell him there is no way that is going inside me. He tells me not to worry, he won’t hurt me and I know I can trust him. He uses the tip to separate my lips, running along my slit of wetness. As he begins teasing my clit with it, I bring my hands to my breasts. My nipples are still so hard and I roll them between my thumb and finger. Over and over he moved the statue beside my clit, down to my hole and then to my ass and back up.

I bring one of my tits to my mouth, licking my nipple and then sucking it between my teeth. Biting lightly as I flick my tongue on it. I begin moving my hips towards the statue. I need to get fucked and I need to get fucked NOW! He pulls it away, telling me to be patient. I try to move my hand down there and he pushes it away. He asks do I want it? I nod, my nipple still between my teeth. He asks again, do I want it? I release my nipple and scream YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!

Using one hand to spread my lips open wide, he places the statue at the entrance. He pushes it in ever so slightly and I buck up against it. He pulls it away. I lay back down and he puts it there again, just a bit deeper. I restrain myself from moving against it. He just looks up at me and smiles as he pushes it in until the top of the woman’s head hits my clit. I moan so deeply and with what breath I have left I beg him to fuck me with it and fuck me hard. He begins moving it in and out, my pussy squishing with each thrust. The part inside of me is so thick and it's just long enough to rub against my
g-spot. My legs are open so wide but he opens my pussy even wider and begins thrusting it faster. The top of the head pushing against my clit, so engorged and hard. Faster, harder, my head rolling from side to side.

His hand still holding me open, my clit exposed to his onslaught of thrusts. I feel so full, so hot, so wet, so ready to just explode!! Here it cums I scream…oh god…yes…there…there…fuck….oh my god!!!!!!!!!!! I’m squirting everywhere as he continues to fuck me with the statue. It’s covered with my juices, as are his hands, my thighs, the mattress. He slows just a little, with each thrust in, he rubs it against my clit just a little harder. He tells me that he knows there’s another one in there, to just relax and let it happen. I try to catch my breath, my hands instinctively go back to my tits, squeezing them.

He twists the statue back and forth as he continues thrusting. A wonderful, new sensation that immediately sets the cum clock to ticking once more. With one flick of his wrist, he now has the woman’s head pushing against my asshole as he uses his thumb to rub over my clit. Cum on baby, he tells me, let it go, cover me with more of that juice. His pressure increases on my clit and he begins thrusting the statue harder again. It’s there, I can feel it, that wonderful electric feeling is working its way out once more. OH MY GOD…..pound my pussy…yes…yes…fuck it…that’s it…yes….fuck it HAAAAAAAARD!!!!!! My explosion overwhelms me, I begin shaking. I am squirting and it won’t stop. He doesn’t stop, he’s pounding it into me so fucking hard and it just won’t stop. 30 seconds, 45 seconds, a full minute. I have no idea how long, it went on and on. Finally, my clit rebels and I push his cum soaked hand away. It’s the last movement I make for over half an hour. I literally cannot move. My legs stay spread out, one arm at my side and the other collapsed on my thigh.

He lay beside me, neither of us breathing right but knowing that this was just the beginning. The night is still young and once we recuperate, there’s a lot more licking and sucking and fucking to be done.

Cozy_Red 51F

9/7/2006 5:23 am

Oh My.....thats a very hot story, not vanilla sex at all

ZZ_Todd 60M

9/7/2006 7:26 am

Well... back to the cold shower! Sure glad I don't have to pay for water around here!

rm_PeanutJackie 37F
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9/7/2006 9:35 am

Oh goodness gracious!!! That was one hell of a story! I had almost forgotten about Insertion Night!

"I am beautiful no matter what you say, words can't bring me down. So don't you bring me down today."

expatbrit49 63M

9/7/2006 11:56 am

~GRINNING~ Now thats a nice Pervy strory

Thank You for Your Time and Attention

cbron2 75M

9/8/2006 8:26 am

Damn!!!! Kritter..Doug is one lucky guy!!!! have never used a statue..have used a dildo, but not a TRES HOT BLOG!!!! now I'm hard..and no one to share it with...maybe later..Wow..what a way to start the day..Thanks!!!!

warmandsexy52 65M
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9/9/2006 4:03 am

Oh my, oh my Kritter! That is sooooo hot! What a read! I think I need a shower!

warm xx

cougarprey4play 42M

9/9/2006 6:32 am

Ooooo!!! Very nice kritter! So when I can expect more stories from you

Take care,

rm_sexxikritter 53F
2715 posts
9/10/2006 12:41 pm

Thanks for the positive comments everyone. I like that y'all get worked up reading, I know I sure do when I read other erotic stories in everyone's blogs.

bipolybabe 56F

9/11/2006 1:24 pm

Wow! I want one of those!



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